Dog smells ... dog!

Hey, our bitch stinks sooooo by dog. Your blanket, on her pillow in her box, we change regularly and we have already everything sprayed once with such a spray specially against animal smell. Helps nix but because they simply stink of their own accord! But when you stand next to her, it stinks just sooooo much. And when I tell her evening goodnight and stroke it again, stinks my hand, and I have to wash hands again, otherwise I think that the night is not out! : D what can you do about it? She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, so extremely short coat.

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Hello Ida911 first thing that comes to me, to your question a rub with coconut oil. Should also help against ticks. While this is only a Syntombehandlung, but maybe it alleviates some unpleasant odors. Otherwise, I would only repeat myself as feed or veterinary inspection. Already thinking about the hormones .... So let examine a complete blood count .... Good luck

Hi, as the others have been proposed, rather once more to the vet out than sorry. If so exaggerated smells, it is not normal and should be genuinely investigated times.

If there is nothing comes out, I would have some variety in the food, maybe it is not optimal for euern dog and causes the strong odor. Especially if you rid of them the smell by stroking with handwashing and it can coat possibly also feels somehow greasy Be the sebaceous glands and speaks against your feed.

oh yes, that's terrible !! I have three dogs and one is really a small Stinkmurmel ... but at the moment (by spray, wash, and and and) I have now been a few days, a natural mineral that she now gets mixed in the food, and does not taste weird eats she so with (myself have tested, is not disgusting or so). And I really feel that it is better after the few days when I turn hold the nose it is still a little bit, but not as a huge stink cloud around it around, so I would say, 50% better, though I have not believed in it ... but costs 10 EUR ... when I consider what I have spent without a recovery ... ne good alternative.

If you care:


These are the sebaceous glands. Every dog ​​has different glands, and therefore different "exhalations". Make one can in principle little about it, of course, there are resources that can be applied to smell, however, is conn. Not change little.

Unfortunately I am not an expert in the animal area but try you can indeed times, the other if perhaps really time to chat with a vet consultation.


I think it's the lining. Enquire times and change the trial fodder

what can you do about it?

go to the vet and let examine the dog. It can plug diseases behind the foul smell! For example, dental problems, skin disease etc.

let clarify times if that's animal sick. the ridgeback my brother does not stink. well, but it smells just after dog but that everyone does the dog is not exactly bathed in perfume, which also is quite normal.

Maybe the dog wash just once, with NEM garden hose or shower ner lamp and tidy shampoo.

My dog ​​had always stunk, regularly wash must also be in there now times ...

Each animal has its own smell !!! Anyone who can not accept, should hold no animal !!! Point. There are situations where pet odors "slide", but never without a cause. But here I do not tell, because I know nothing about your sensitivity and how you feel about as normal. Sick animals spread a more intense odor. Bad industrial food (most of it is bad) also. Old dogs often smell differently than young.

Conclusion: let system checked health and genuinely feed healthy food.

First should even be excluded health problems, so you should be the first path leading to the vet.

If there everything is settled, you busy yourselves with the diet of your dog. Bad / low quality food often leads to üblem dog smell.

What can still lead to severe Hundegreuch also is missing or insufficient grooming.

Check feeding and go to the vet.

Instead of working with any of these sprays, detergents, polishes and fragrances remedies, you should let the dog once a vet ...

What gets your dog because to eat ???

Dogs get a rather intense odor if they are not fed properly.

Inferior cheap food happens to be often only suitable as a filler for empty trash.

Reasonable and appropriate raw diet, see times below BARF or register at www barfers de is inexpensive and guaranteed healthy for the dog

it is normal. she is a dog. the stink nunmal after dog. :) If you do not want that, then you have to buy a cat;) ... otherwise you must because by now. the animal can not bear to change. also sprays that are not addressed. that's just how it is ...

Can not bathe dogs?

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