Dog smells KuchHäufchen ...

Hey guys, my dog ​​Diego stinks extremely violent and disgusting since yesterday. I was with him in the garden have, of course, "cure" with his basketball playing, next at even with my football.

After a time a hellish smell came to my nose, I thought oops has determined laid a heap. I have piles sought but not found.

Well well I left it at that and went back inside after about 2hours. But the smell was there again, and to this day he has not improved.

And just he is next to me, it is really bad endure this smell. What can have my dog ​​Diego? Is he ill? Or how do I get that smell off?

His Breed: Australian Shepherd he is 10 years old.

Greeting Daniel

HELP ME!! :(

The best answer

that will be marten or fox ahah ... wens bothers you exrem, bath towel dog reinsetzen in the tub, wet and rub with tomato juice or diluted vinegar CAREFUL and quite good-looking ... abduschen nix in ears and eyes come

or it may be that he has emptied his anal gland with all the action?

Can be due to the Harndrüse, our dog had. Go best to the vet can help you.

Maybe he wallowed in a 'heap' of another dog or animal that make many dogs love.

That may now listen rude, but try it with washing. : D It may be that he has wallowed in anything that caused this stench.


Maybe your dog has beautiful turned into something smelly. My that gets very often now and he stinks. Then only helps wash. I then extracting his dog shampoo and then the fine gentleman is placed under the shower and washed thoroughly. Blow dry he likes incredibly happy. Then he smells good again.
My Wau like nice pile on Kuhwiesen, heaps of wildlife and quite disgusting beautiful dead animals (dead bird or so).

If the odor from the fur or smell his breath unpleasant?

Indicative of the dog? or fart dog?

would he stinks Wash Option (oh wonder what also soinst)

rest of the time, when other abnormalities from the TA. Has he something else eaten as normal?

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