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I wanted to meet with my sister our dog just out of boredom once the hair comb our dog has about 15cm long hair (see picture), we wanted to ask what you can do there so :)

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Are you crazy ?? A dog is not a toy. Seek out a meaningful occupation and let the dog alone - an animal time to fudge a little, because it is a boring, cross very heavily on animal cruelty.

Out of boredom?! Go with the dog for a walk or bring with him tricks. Children and pets honest ... you come up with ideas!

How about meaningful with what? Let the animal in silence ... there is not a toy.

Let but the poor dog! Shall I friesieren times when I'm bored?

ohh so a Pretty :) goes ............. walk with him a great round, then you no longer boring ...........

What do you mean that there is to do so? ^^

Fririseren the fur back Soft and Fluffy is; D

goes Worse's (n) ever !!!

There you have time out of order one day off school and already you plaguing the boredom and your lovely friendly dog ​​should have to suffer ...

Coiffed give each other or playing with your Barbie dolls !!!

Coiffed YOU mutually, but let the dog so alone ...

Another hobbie looking perhaps ... find it sad that animals have to serve if the owners again is boring ... tsssss

that there is to do so

nothing at all! The coat of this dog is to rumschnippeln not suitable, he was disfigured horrible! The coat is the natural protection and decoration of the dog and should not be messed up!

Cuts boredom your hair each other! Then you can watch each other and amuse!

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