Dog stealing food and acknowledges the garbage out.

Hello everybody.

Recently, we have a 2-year-old bitch SDH, which is absolutely greedy. Due to an HD we have to keep their weight under control, but the vet said last week, it was optimal as it is. So far so good. As long as one of the family is present, it does not matter, is very loving and affectionate, but alas we leave the house or go (how awful) night sleep. Then she admits from the trash looking for food. I always rinse everything out of what comes in the yellow bag, but they are not interested. One can still see times. Everything is housed in kitchen cabinets, so I thought: good. But nothing is good. The young lady can namely open doors, and all of them. Closet doors, room doors, revolving doors, sliding doors. Well, everything is so commonly available. The cat food tastes apparently quite gut.- The countertop is equal with controlled and sometimes just cleared, it could there, after all, be something to find. Even the litter box in the bathroom is not safe from her.

We now always close from the kitchen door, but the bathroom door should remain open even for cats. I thought of Baby stair gate, but it can not be that we need to set up the long term baby safe us. Child is out of the house and grandchildren hopefully for a while longer in sight ;-)

There must be a way to give her the wean. Does somebody has any idea? I do not think she always pushes hunger, even if I shorten their feed rations to the treats.

The best answer

Even if the dog can open doors. Locks halt the kitchen inkl.gelben bag. So I doubt that the your dog, can doors crack! Your dog has just learned that your absence leads to what Fressbaren. Let your dog no way to get in your absence of feed. Only so you can solve the problem.

first I would recommend you with the working dog, the whom they are mentally unerversorgt ends the replacement in negotiations ... you have certainly a hundeschule or dog sports in your near ... catch as the second to to retrieve her, anything, no matter whether Fernbedinung or slippers ... later you can also even a piece of bread or can carry a bag cat food (my carry even tetrapak with milk) ... read more you learn to open on command the doors, because it's only half as intressant (once had so ne bitch that opened every door, when I gave her had taught to the detail, we went a few months u.dannach it has no door more selbsständig open) it takes a lot of time and patience, but it will happen, turn remain u.durchhalten ...

Single edgewise the doorknob of the kitchen door or rotating so that one must push upward to open it. And then: Door!

Where sleeps the dog? How often and how long he's alone?

Either you run management - as already discussed with baby backups - or you look for a good time dog behavior expert who analyzes with you the matter together on site.

I thought my dog ​​was the only one. Attempt to give it some night more to eat, then the slightly better.

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