Dog (still small) sometimes biting like crazy los

Hey first :) So I have only time yesterday a dog get (5 months) and it is really very loving, cuddly and very sweet, but sometimes he just starts to bite like crazy without you touched him (before the television for example, he then bite your legs). We bought him a chew and when he starts to bite, we give him just that and it is regulated. But I would interessiern if this is normal, thank you very much in advance <3

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Currently have also NEN small dog and can assure you that it is normal and will also place. Could be due to milk teeth. The itch sometimes very particular and does not help out somewhere to bite pure;)

Completely normal puppy behavior, you Reserve left about bite impediment here a great link.


(He just wants to play) go to obedience school! A little fellow wants to be busy! get yourself tips !!

This will be probably wanton gambling!

If you have the little one just since yesterday but that is already beautiful that it already as "blossoming" I would be the happy and the chewing bone so you have the regulated super I think! ;-)

he wants to play and needs attention

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