Dog suddenly drooling a lot, why?

My 4 months old puppy has fallen during my absence from the couch. My husband took her to the doctor, she was X-rayed, thank God everything is ok. She had her first vaccination against rabies, the 2 still follows. She's probably just what bruised in the fall, but got an injection for the pain. She is now sleeping. She drools very strong, which it never does. And it's not just a little. Does anyone know why?

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A sleeping puppy .... :) Is that a Tibbie?

So I understand correctly, the dog has fallen has cheated himself - was the vet and:

  • was X-rayed (what, everything?)
  • has been vaccinated for rabies, should a second rabies vaccination get (???? !!)
  • Painkillers get sprayed (what exactly?)

So you should look for another vet you know which bypasses somewhat cautious with your dog.

The excessive drooling should let you pay attention. There come the following causes are:

  • Hypersensitivity reaction to the painkiller
  • Allergic reaction to the vaccination
  • Stress response to the overall procedure after a fall at the vet
  • Teeth hurt? If the investigated ??
  • (Too young) finally dentition

After drooling in his sleep and is even overly You should call the vet. Given you take again those in which you already waiting, because he knows exactly the side effects of drugs which he has given.

If the comment you shall come again, then please immediately knowing what was communicated to you, consult with the vaccination card and the little another, second veterinarian.

Incidentally, even the veterinarian same would vaccinate a second time on rabies in a short time you should make noisy. Especially vaccinating a dog not equal immediately if this has an accident and bruises, as well as a painkiller would get sprayed, because then bruises and fall incident are already enormous.

vollzupumpen a puppy at this age so with drugs and syringe base alone at a "session" does not speak for gentle handling of the dog and patients.

Please clarify drooling and take seriously change veterinarian. Happy the little ones!

Yes it might teeth sein.Sonst stop again the vet to ask if he (the puppy) otherwise also abnormally verhält.Ist but sweet.

Just call me again when at the doctor and ask for!

I just looked up: the dog is a Pomeranian ... When the domestic accident with is because "from the couch fall" happened ??? Yesterday you were still walking with the dog on the way ... Also your dog is already in January for 4 months was old ... Maybe she again red and yellow peppers eaten? ... And therefore drooling ...

I guess, in addition to any pain from the bruises and just adds the change of teeth ...

Most likely the tooth Jump

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