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Hello, We have a 7 year old Ridgeback mix. He has always been totally loving and rather pretty quiet - in the family. But when it comes to strangers or men, it is totally aggressive and attacking them. Otherwise he's just always just gone into the attack position, has set up and growled his hair. But now 3 days ago he has a good friend just attacked (the leg bitten) and then yesterday a strange (some drunk), older man. He has been neutered about 4 months ago, because he has previously already attacked other dogs, whether female or male. It is very rare that he has other dogs happy and plays with them, if then only with other castrated dogs or bitches (if they are also dear to him). The vet advised us to castration, so it comes down it, but apparently it is now worse. If someone had an idea of ​​what could be done?

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As of Bummello be geschrieben..hört that for me as well to the your dog was not well socialized. The other dogs he had contact much. Unfortunately, you have to get a useless neutering your veterinarian. It's now far and proved that bring castration no behavioral changes. Often the unwanted behavior will only increase. The no evil with another dog happens worried you urgently a dog trainer who walks alongside you and interpret the body language of your dog knows well. The works without violence. Here from tips on the Internet, I would advise against you. Forget rattle cans, spray the water or yell violent and when the dog shows the behavior shown by you. Through these things, he linked only negative with the other dog and it's getting worse. Go Extra large arches to the other dogs. No matter how much theater is made, it will not be moved on a leash, or communicate in any way with the dog. No matter how angry you are at your dog. Quiet and confident, you're there consistently to your dog is geared for you. But before you try it yourself, you'll get a dog trainer. If you have the do not get 7 years, then I highly doubt that you can implement this now. This is months of training with you. I also would authorize conditionally dog ​​contact and if you. Muzzled, which is built up positive Here's a video

If your dog bite someone, you get runs and it is better to such indulgence! Happy you

Education and socialization deficits deficits in dogs can not be regulated with castration!

Unfortunately you for responding to a not so good advice of the surgeon. but You should have better seek the advice of a dog behavior expert far in advance.

Had, should, would ....

Please, this dog and its secure life's sake - brings you finally have a technically experienced behavioral advice. How do you find the - here please look at my answers, there will be explained again.

Hormones do not just have an effect on Sovereign behavior, but also have a stress hormones relieving effect, this stress-relieving hormones - Teste Toron so you have this dog, which must be environmental uncertain probably taken by castration.

Please, you finally bring a behavior expert to the side which you supervised safely deal to learn with this dog.

http: // ...

Reading out the text in the link very carefully, you'll get the book now. Also a must read for you:

See the link in the comments.

Please use keyword animal learn, calling dog, Cum Cane, Dog Inform, Easy dogs, IBH dog schools and your zip code - to call today, seek help - for you and your dog!

The first duty is now - Complete check the health of your dog, including vision and hearing, and - professional manner muzzle training that will explain you the added called expert (hopefully).

Hi please go finally in a proper dog school and remembers you the action from the vet. For castration can and will never get in life what, at the problems he had before. Neutering does it to prevent young or because the dog as incorrect ticking (pronounced physical errors testicles inside eg or hormonal disorders, etc). Aggression / fear etc are just like humans rather controlled by the mind than on the hormones. Most dogs are otherwise aggressive because they are afraid, neutering is as counterproductive and the problem may increase as you yes now also gets to feel a few months later, the hormones make to get even. Are dozens of veterinarians who say that you fear aggressive dogs should not castrate, simply because the thereby enhanced - your veterinarian as giant bullshit built ....

First, I would recommend you so it's a shame too, is first to bring a muzzle to prevent subsequent accidents. And so you get a little more security again. And then really go to a behavioral trainer and just tackle the problem with fear.

Castration changes only in cases where the production of hormones is responsible for the behavior of something, it is sad to hear again and again that in any behavior problems veterinarians recommend Kastra and additionally I am indignant that then not even for their misconduct and the mutilation of a animal can be held accountable!

If you were in a dog school with him so I would be interested what or how this has been training with you?

What did they recommend?

"Otherwise it's just always just gone into the attack position" than her in obedience classes also waiting already, or since when the dog makes it and why you come now only on the idea to do something about the behavior of a dog already clearly shows, that it with certain people has a problem with which you should definitely work beforehand, because the prognosis for a dog who has bitten is always worse than for which has not yet gone on the attack.

I would like to address your place to a reasonable dog trainer who will help you with this problem. A Ridgeback mix is ​​not necessarily small, and an aggressive dog is a big problem.

Pretty sweet and growling, not understood by other dogs ... my hackles put himself up! Sounds like he was not really socialized. Since only individual lessons will help with a really good coach. That should make just one person in the family! All others must be because adhere to strict rules!

If his aggression were earlier by uncertainty about strange men conditionally, the castration was exactly the wrong thing. The fact that his hormones, he is missing now only unsafe!

As here already said: Addiction ask you a good reputable trainer!

The Council of your veterinarian was probably (like most) not as the truth.

Now you really have namely a bad problem with the dog.

When was your last visit to the vet with a really thorough investigation? Have you talked this time about the violent aggressions become?

Your urgent should speak with a qualified dog trainer with fear biters and very stressed dogs has experience.

Your dog is a Ridgeback mix - Mix with what?

Lives of the dog since puppyhood with you?

Did the dog have to do bad experiences (with men)?

Education thing, but you explain that now writing what to do would be too much .... There are in existence possibilities but again ...... something I could tell you on the phone but write here would last forever ... ..... the dog does not have any discipline, but you can change .... just takes two or three months ....

Since her with the dog at a dog training school?

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