Dog suddenly no longer wants to go for a walk?

Hi, Have NEN small chihuahua puppy (5 months) and I slowly you try to go to the Gassi get used and it has everything amazingly well worked out and we are always several kilometers run in recent weeks without problems, they also had a lot Fun. But since yesterday she has no desire simply stops and wants to run back home again did it with treats tries but does nothing. Just do not know where suddenly the problem is or what she is afraid :(

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Several kilometers, as you write, are too much for a puppy five months. It is not on the route to, but that it moves and having fun, perhaps with other dogs. Catch all over again and go times to where he has a change, take a toy with which you throw can and with which he can frolic.

How do you write that you überforderst the tots with its 5 months immeasurably. You just try in the garden playfully to employ him. This he will certainly find more favor in the age and gets his share movement.

run Per month 5 min.

Please run less with the dog and it often

Did she perhaps pain while running?

du has already should not run such much a puppy?

Several kilos Mater day with a 5 month old puppy? Hm ...

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