Dog swallows the whole time and whines case what to do?

Hey my dog ​​swallows the whole time and whines case does it hurt anything?

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Either he is choking or has a sore throat. When he was still breathing normally and is eating, you never have to worry about first. If it's not better tomorrow, you should go to the vet. Our dog once had laryngitis because he rumgejammert too much (: D), which is relatively harmless, but should be cleared by a veterinarian.

Usually there are digestive problems, let the dog eat grass. It provides the one hand fibers that stimulate digestion, and on the other hand the captured grass supports vomiting, so that sharp objects that has swallowed the dog, such. As bones or other indigestible, can be broken in this manner. This finds the dog relief, said not every dog ​​that eats grass, inevitably vomits. (Text: Dr. Ulrike Bante / vet)

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he Vlt something in neck, a small wood pieces or so

Perhaps it is something in the throat? Did he chewed a bone? Maybe you need to see a veterinarian.

Depends anything in the neck firmly bone or something? take your flashlight and see! Or in the veterinary clinic when it can not itself!

has perhaps swallowed?

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