Dog take when moving out?

Hi, my family and I have a 3 year old soon males. We all are very fond of him, and even if my father gave it to me, my parents love him just like me. Since I am now soon 18, I started to think, what to do when I move out? Shall I then take my dog ​​or leave him with my parents? Theoretically, I would say immediately, I'll take him. But I'll probably have to work a lot and in the evening come home. It would then be very long alone, I would not expect him that. On the other hand I know that he is very attached to me. My parents he would also miss certain. Even if it takes to move a few more years, I would not know what to do. Perhaps I can one say how he did that time or what he thinks is right, yes. Thank you very much :)

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because you have to act in the spirit and for the benefit of the dog. When he with you longer than 4 - 5 hours a day would be alone, with your parents not -. Then he has to stay at home.

Of course he will miss you - but that is the lesser evil for him. You have to stop him visit often - and one probably him. weekend get to you if you can. With such a change of dogs come very clearly - as they depend not so sure at the site, but to the people and make good on a to be times here or there - just not alone !!

My daughter has her dog also must be with us, because it was all day working. But the weekend was the dog with her.

Good succeed


Hello Ponypri

For me it was my cat. Sure, they had a good relationship with my family, but when I came home, then I always put on my shoulder and they then went with me through the apartment. We could do everything together: D

As I moved about a year ago half was the question in the room if I'll take them. Also I am very far from being at home, cats makes it less than dogs, but she was alone and I had to find a place where it is allowed. I visit them again and again and it would be like hell when she sees me, but she has come to terms with.

I would advise the lesser evil for your dog to seek out. Finally, you have to also keep in mind that you have to take care of him, that is, control medical costs, food, yes you have to go out with him and if you have before you have your favorite take time over the weekend what. good luck with the decision. My, it was to let my cat with my parents and she is doing very well

I have my dog ​​with my parents left, even if it's hard for me much. I had at that time only a 40m² apartment, little time and no garden, the next Pipiwiese were on foot around 10 minutes to run considerably further: Poor conditions.
Later when we had more space, a lawn and also the time it would have been common to remove the already older bitch of her friend and my parents. I once everything very own dog was safe then bought, a decision which is clearly one of the better ^^

The dog you should only take if you can really afford enough time. If you go to work all day and the dog can not take away, then you can forget and it would be better for the dog, where to stay parents.

The only thing you can do if you stay in the area, that's you drive the dog before going to work to your parents and evening fetch again. But you can not leave any 10 hours alone the dog certainly.


because your dog indeed has multiple caregivers, it is certainly very well come with your parents and in familiar surroundings cope!

If you can not make sure that you had enough time for him, it's better he stays with your parents! You can him so to pick out on the weekends! Yet it's not so far that you take off!

GLG and a nice day, you wishes clip mouse :-))

If you plan to work a lot, it is best for the dog when you let him in your parents, because they can take care of him better .. Even if it might not be easy to leave love greetings

Well your dog I would have the whole day at home alone not doing it you've acquired certainly no dog. I would talk to your parents and you will not be so far pull away, so you can visit your dog at all times with safety.

practically it is so that you will be later 8-9 hours except home - and that's a abslute cruelty to animals!

let your dog at your parents - visit the dog and the parents regularly!

Hello Ponypri! :-)

Selfish acts, if one only thinks of himself. Reif and acting responsibly, if one, as thinks in this case, the dog and its needs! In your place I would leave him with your parents ... Although you hard, remember, you can always visit, probably get him on the weekend, not your dog there?

Friendly greetings sends you


So with us in the family of the dog was not mitgenohmen. precisely because of work was not enough time udn the dog already älte rwar.

I would let the dog in its usual environment and as often as possible to spend time with him.

hi, icg would your dog do not remove from his usual environment, and which can be parents, you can visit him anyway and maybe take it on weekends sometimes to you, but if you spend all day working have it for your dog aucg Stupid. lg

You've already gegeben.du the answer you later no time. You work and can not leave the dog alone all the time.

You can not leave alone all day when you work and when it will take a few years, until the extract, are you talking about here count your eggs the dog. Login if it's that time again.

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