dog taken away! what to do

hello people it comes to my dog ​​and that my parents live in divorce and my father took away my dog. we were already at the police but unfortunately can not do anything. you know what to do or what I can do. look reply me of

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how far dog taken away? To another family or just yourself and you live with your mother? I would otherwise try to talk that everything is bad enough for you and you just need the dog to your father!

the only thing you could do with your father that you need to talk to your dog and if that can not stay with you

My father took my my dog.

if your father is the rightful owner, you may not mind. It comes down to who has bought the dog / paid and signed on the dotted!

I think you're student / in and thus not an adult and self ...

Then you can not unfortunately change ...

Although I think it is a lousy train your father's - unfortunately, he has the right to take away you dog ...

And when you've calmed down a bit, then you call your father and ask him for an interview ... It should be possible, that all family members decide where to go the dog best ...

Please speak again .. if that does not work with your father, then it may try judicially .. Good luck !!

Who bought the dog? Who has not paid the whole bill sprch taxes etc?

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