Dog taken away without payment and SPCA incited

Dear Community,

a very dear - and extremely naive - friend of mine bought a dog on the Internet. This had to due to some inconsistencies with their parents have to sell. As potential buyer came her friend questioned. This then has the dog - taken in itself and denied the rightful owner to pay for the following reasons - including papers: it is irresponsible and bought their dog on the internet by an unscrupulous breeders and support this order; they allegedly afraid of dogs and is therefore unsuitable as a regent. Then she rushed to the ASPCA - or their acquaintances who are members there - the legal owner of the dog. This they call apparently more and accuse her of cruelty to animals. Of course these are not arguments.

I need to continue to add:

  1. My friend bought the dog of good will - she was completely unaware that it could be with the provider to a rogue.
  2. The poorest has not signed a contract and has the dog - including papers - transmitted.
  3. There is the suspicion that this alleged girlfriend just do not want to accept the payment and therefore so does a drama out of it.

What can they do best? The breeder does not respond to the demand for a purchase confirmation.

The best answer

Hi, a bit silly run. What was that now your friend has given the other friend the dog, including papers, even before she signed what has paid or ?? That would be very schlecht..denn without witnesses his word against hers. Say your friend is someone should get to who was there and then just make a display when the dog was taken from her illegally.

Because, unfortunately, would your girlfriend first evidence of blaming others, they just need to pay for the dog and did not get free. And no animal welfare is not active, because someone is afraid of his own dog. If there really are people from welfare, so it may also be that the girlfriend, the dog probably originally wanted to pay, has possibly even visited a veterinarian with the puppy. Because I do not think that that was a breeder ... because you do not ma buys naively usually have just a puppy ... unless your friend is very rich and does not rely on 1,000-2,000 € ... I have the presumption it a sick Vermehrerwelpe was perhaps the now the new regent caused large vet bills and they do not like so charged. And is also why went to animal welfare.

Only one gets unfortunately out only if one is able normally talk ,,, do not know even whether one should not even dare easy to search the Gesrpäch again, is already a shame that characterized a friendship goes down the drain: (

an animal You buy only from a reputable holder, who runs the dog breed expertly and with much love for animals. This must be considered when handing over all documents which prove the origin and proper breeding, so all the papers handed over belonging to a dog.

Question would be how she took this dog in reception. If you buy a dog must be fulfilled several conditions. The dog needs spout every day. The environment has to be right. Size of the apartment, etc. The breed should be chosen so that it fits the holder.

It must be so much conditions be satisfied that a species-appropriate keeping is possible.

Of course, parents must when you were a under 18's old to agree with the purchase and entertainment.

The poorest has not signed a contract and has the dog - including papers - transmitted.

therefore they can not prove what was agreed and was handed over to which the purchase price of the dog. If an installment payment or delayed payment is settled, you hold something firmly in detail in writing.

Purchase contracts, there are also verbally - and are quite effective. However, difficult to prove.

I would do:

Contact 1st dog seller and request a confirmation of purchase to send (emergency explain ansionsten the whole runs over the Poli Two, which could also attract a tax audit and the like to be - clear to him say it does not go against him, only against the ex freundig)

2. about lawyer suit for restitution of the dog be prosecuted niocht fulfillment of the purchase agreement

3. with the police against the "animal rights" refund for stalking

I wish you success

Without sales contract with the dealer and another contract for the sale of the proof of ownership is difficult. They made it hard to "dearly" for the future.

Somehow I have the vague feeling that it is very good that your girlfriend is not responsible for another living creature ....

Go to the police and the show. Although it is very stupid a dog on the Internet to buy and then resell.

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