Dog teach to jump on his back

Hello, I am 15 years, and I want my 2 year old mix dog tricks teach .they can already:

  • turn around

-Do males

-Give paw

-Wave your hand

game death


-By Legs

-Hopp (On walls / stones)

-Fang (Ball or treat)

And now I want to teach her, she jumps with thrust on my back :). In addition, I wanted to ask if you know any other cool tricks? Thanks in advance ....... And sorry for my spelling: /

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I would vllt. practice with a base target. Say you bring in your dog that he is going to a large, colored cloth. The cloth you klässt then always be slightly smaller, until the dog has to have his feet set close together, to stand on the cloth can. Then you can teach the dog parallel to the cloth at various locations is, stool, chair, bench, molehills, etc. If the dog with much energy is very reliable on the Tuich, I would lie on the floor, and the cloth RNU my back position when the dog goes up there - Riesneparty and practice it until he goes up safely. Then you can slowly lift your back, by sending you or pillows under the belly until he jumps on your back arched

I would only practice on jiggling items to jump with the dog and to stand. Not every dog ​​can do that.

Then comes the probably easiest with an attendant who lures the dog up. First, I would lie on the floor, then sit down and then make only.

My dogs can still go around things, a park (backwards between the legs running) Nasty Girl (dog snarling) run Rückwärst, seat, space, stand, assumes, etc ...

On the Internet are enough pages.

if you know any other cool tricks?

on this page are some tricks for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Perhaps what's for you here:

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