Dog- testicles wundgeleckt and entzündet- what to do?

Hi, so next: My dog ​​we already treat a hot spot to the testicles with drops. Now the site has ignited greenish. Can we do something? Vlt. with chamomile tea or something? Thanks LG

The best answer

Go to the vet would be the best for the dog

the vet check and stop by there, possibly have to additional medications are given.

please ask leak vorm protect -either collar (there are also soft) or a baby body or tshirt accuse -druber and bring to mass ...

Now the site has ignited greenish. Can we do something?

The first way would be again to the vet, so he looks at it and what can prescribe appropriate.

Please do not even tinker. The dog should also wear Krause allow the body remains protected and it can not rumlecken it.

Your treated as prescribed by the veterinarian, I hope.

If there already what looks greenish, then the pus. So right away with the animal to the vet.

What says the vet?

Go to the vet!

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