Dog tethered to the roadside?

Hi, hab yesterday a dog found on the roadside, in very poor general condition, tied to a fence. Since I did not know exactly what to do, I called the police, the facts have been aufgenohmen and got reimbursed against unknown ... then we went to the vet, it was not a chip found, I've agreed to the dog for now take with me. Now my question, I have to wear the vet bills or I can with the payment wait until maybe someday the owner was found, the dog goes into my possession on or how does this law? How rechtl.aus siehts who the owner is not found? What should I do?

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the had or have you so sure everything asked before you have declared yourself ready, take the animal, huh?

if not, ask at the police after the .. give more info, to whom do not hesitate to .. example. tasso ... aspects-the -...

Is problematic. The normal veterinarian must be paid.

Normally you are Hundi from the shelter and then it will be treated there and paid for everything there.

But I have already taken a bitch and reserve as well as finally a cat. Both bills from the first vet visit has my vet not charge me because she knows me well. But I have to keep both and thus all the bills were then at me. And that was good because the dog I did not want to give back to the owner. She was in a nasty condition and has just survived times. I collected the bills if the Lord would eventually come up with the idea of ​​wanting to have again, he would have to pay the bill or I would have long allowed to keep as a pledge had to he paid. According to counsel.

Ah've just read below, did you set with the TH in connection. Does that mean you they behälst until the owner logs or another terminal is found or would you keep for ever, if there is no one?

I think it's the way great that you careful grooming. Would be, if there were more such people.

We had before approximately 10 years found a cat with broken pelvis. She was then treated by a veterinarian. (Painkillers, etc.) We had to pay anything and the decision was left to us, whether it should be put to sleep or not. We had to pay nothing.

I would call just once at the vet.

First of all I want you to say thank you, thank you that you have you taken care of this animal and not gone carelessly until !!!!! This is not self-evident. Also, it's great that you have taken the poor dog with you to, otherwise he would have ended up in the shelter. Of course, you have now only once the cost unless, that you might make an agreement with the veterinarian, since it is a find animal. Have heard that there are some accommodating at baseline and only if the animal firmly belongs to you, then follow-up costs are to be borne by you. Say times with the vet about it. If you do not financially be able to keep the animal, you should give it as a fund animal still give to the shelter. But I keep my fingers crossed that it does not have to be. LG and all the best for you both :)

So by your acquisition of the dog, you're now its owner - at least as long as there is no answer on the other. When you need to not have him permanently, call the shelter and the register there to - I would call anyway there in case the owner spent there in his quest.

In the phone call then clarify but from what you are now ... foster home? Then you go to the bill nothing .... Owner? Then already.

You can go to a shelter you. The certainly can best answer your questions.

The fact that the veterinarian would be paid somehow, you can certainly understand. Wildlife handle most free - but in dogs will be different. So you'll only have to pay once - and probably remain seated on the costs.

First Kudos for your courage!

Real class from you!

I fear that you will be stuck with the costs, because the owner is probably long gone, and certainly is not trackable, if the dog is not microchipped ..

I would advise you times to sign into Tierhilfe in your area and ask how you should best proceed, since you (possibly) not as fluid are to bear the vet bills alone. In many cases, a help financially, or at least with an "in-house" vet.

If you have no financial worries and not just explode veterinary costs, I would assume the costs first, regardless of whether I can get them reimbursed somehow, just the dog to love ...

Legally I can not say how the situation is but I am very sure that all would be much easier if you could keep the dog simply or aufnimmst with you, if you have the opportunity you. This is certainly nice for the dog than to come to a shelter ...

No chip is rather difficult to find an owner who deshlab I would not hope that this can be blamed ...

http: // -...

you should definitely within a radius the animal shelters by your fund information. -If you should pay the vet the in this case not gemiende / police will take over ...

of'm here owner may within 6 Monten still demanding log on to the dog.

Actually you pay nothing for you have found the dog. If the owner is not detected it must to the shelter

If you're going with this animal to the vet, you naturally have to take first the cost. The doctor would also have his money. If the owner can not be found, you remain sitting on the costs.

I think the owner has six months time to log on and retrieve the dog. If he does not, you are the new owner of the dog.

The dog is already in your possession. You have the vet placed the order, so you have to pay for it. Whether you the Registered Hallows So, take the polluter remedies, is highly questionable. The owner can reclaim the dog.

I would have given the police sent there (to the tethered dog).

No, usually accepts the Tierhilfe the money. Or the shelter, provided you give it from there on. Exestiert no Tierhilfe in your district as a club, you have to yourself for aufkommen.Anzeige for animal suspension is ever right!

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