Dog ticks at other dogs on the plot

Hello!! I have a really loving 6.5 years old Tibetan Terrier! We have a large enclosed garden where he liked and extensively staying! Now we had already 2x in the event that our dog when a another dog with its owner in the property passed, is over the fence. Lt. he has also bitten their dog a keeper! It was here once a shepherd and even a Mountain Dog! No small !!! He has dogs Contact! Mag but definitely no other male dog (he is not neutered!)! With girls or castrated males of contact is usually very harmonious. If not, liegts well on the sympathy! What is there probably gone wrong sometime, that he now behaves? Have no explanation! ..... And now fear to leave him alone in the garden, which I actually find very sad for him :( What he thinks comfortable doing? Want to understand his behavior, so that I can act properly !!!!! Thanks for your ADVICE!!!!

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Your Tibbi is discovered to be genetically determined watchdog heritage. You read only times the breed description very carefully before ;-)

The situation described by you behavior suggests a strong territorial behavior. Make sure that he can not overcome the fence, where appropriate, have to a second fence build something inside the property. Then he does not reach to the limit.

I can tell you highly recommend this book, it describes very well this problem in certain breeds:\_territorialv.html

whether one can at a Tibbet Terrier this behavior "reverse the polarity" or "off", you experienced racial holder must report.

It defends its revier. Since it does not really matter if there's a fence between, or whether in China falls NEN sack of rice. He is outside then social, is that he has to defend nothing there. Since no dog school helps the externally located. There's only a dog trainer who works with you home from the problem. Until then, the dog is also by no means alone without a leash in the garden. The is probably ne danger to other dogs and also for yourself. LG

The simplest solution is a higher fence. It's not that other dog owners can not safely walk past your property, know your Hundi thinks they have to decide who is allowed to use the public sidewalk outside the house and who is not. Otherwise, you always have to be and can use it immediately whistle back, if he does not listen to you, he should stay in the house nearby. Then you have to actually raise a dog trainer who shows you how your dog and you might improve the situation.

The garden is just his property and he defended it when other dogs outdoors walk past ...

I would times the dog dog school visit the plot defend I do not believe, because he is fond of to the contact with bitches.


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