Dog to be euthanized

Hey my dog ​​to be euthanized because tomorrow loud doctor it is for ne operation too old even though it is for me only 9 this age still young because his race go quasi 13-15 years old (Pug) and he still has a weak heart ne attached handles liver and also has respiratory distress. Today I was again with my dog ​​in TA and she said I had with a clinic to see if you could save the still possibly would my mother or about 500 euros not cost if several thousand euros. Because I want to make him reluctant to sleep. But I do not want him to see to which he has just hurt. White no longer

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You should consult a veterinary clinic. For such symptoms the dog but does not need to be euthanized. If heart problems there are tablets, so you should get a second opinion.

Get yourself a second and third opinion.

what ne OP should it be done?

Please get yourself a a 2nd opinion.

With 9 years a dog is not ubnedingt too old to OP, which should ever be operated on?

If heart problems tablets can help.

Treatment can be expensive, have already left for my dog ​​some euros in clinics, but am glad that she is still alive, because every penny's worth.

When he no longer 200 meters to go walkies with you easily, then it only torments himself.

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