Dog totally tired after deworming tablet

Hi Guys,

My Pomeranian is very tired after worming. Is that normal?

Kind regards

The best answer

Yes that can happen. Watching you make the dog nonetheless.

A small note for deworming, since your dog so apparently already sensitive:

Wormers are not to be underestimated, because they destroy the intestinal flora of the dog and is important for the immune defense. Those who do not have a dog who really permanent excrements from the street eats (something you ever with education in general anyway should get a grip), which can definitely do without it. The worming itself is incidentally not prevent the worm infestation - As soon as the dog worming so it can again get what. The impugned intestinal flora contributes at even.

Many vets now offer also, just to examine the feces of the dog before wormed.

In addition, there are many natural resources: coconut flakes, ground pumpkin seeds or grated carrots are the best known. My dog ​​gets regularly eat a tablespoon of coconut (coconut oil inside and helps ürbigens even at the Tick Control)

My way is a completely unruly vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is after the winter in principle once wormed (she loves frozen heap) and depending on how the summer also ran again in the fall - though I avoid the worm treatment possible. And the coconut flakes loves them anyway

Yes it can be. Worming tablets are chemistry lobes and really hard for Hundi.

How niska has already written, deworming should be avoided.

As a precaution, they will not help anyway. You give today a worm tablet and tomorrow to put your dog with worms. Moreover, the intestinal flora, and thus the immune system are damaged.

Therefore, one should give a worm treatment only if clearly infestation. Either every few months bring dung to the vet or suspected.

And should your dog ever worms or Giardia have, you can fight with organic sulfur MSM. MSM has no side effects, the intestinal flora does not attack and is also still good for the bones. 14 days MSM and worms and giardia are gone.

Observe your dog. You should soon poisons Dredge with eg Klinotilith and then the intestinal flora rebuild with eg Symbioflor.

that is normal. should be nerveless degree of freedom deteriorate seriously, the veterinarian informed immediately.

Yes, that is the extent normal ...

The deworming is very tiring for the organism of the dog.

Is your dog a puppy or even an adult animal?

Maybe you like you also sometimes inform about alternative ways of worming ... or let it to the vet examine fecal samples whether any worming your dog is necessary.

This is just an idea of ​​mine ...

All the best for your dog

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