Dog trained in Rolli- make how and what to consider?

Hi, I'm sitting in a wheelchair but can walk a bit with props. Later I would like a shelter dog fetch me anyway (Labrador o. Golden Retriever). I have a few questions as I u with the training to the make Rolli:. How do I bring the dog's feet running at? Would the canvas take in hand and going to roll. then had but free no hand for treats. So- like to do? And what happens when I call the dog and he does not come? One should not go to the dog and it is all the time to take to the canvas and not the true yes. If you can think of even more where up would make you write it like. :) Thanks for any reply! LG

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I have already had several dogs from the shelter or duties that came right at me. It is actually on the dog and not so much on the race though your choice is certainly not wrong. Each dog has its own character. In your place I would just in time contact the shelter. Would you ask me as I would accompany you. Then we would together go first times with a selected dog for a walk to see how the animal and you behave to each other. Sometimes even the one or the other knowledge would be needed only times for you. You can do it you naturally previously on youtube - are good corresponding rows - and have so far acquired from books. In the first Gassi then arises ever out how the dog reacts to you. I have experienced the animals needed absolutely no special training, would have used none if I had been bedridden. This is called then probably love. The one and the other animals, however, was so messed up that I still could invest some own training.

Special training is good and beautiful. Above all, when it is performed at the competent trainers in Switzerland - are not paid here usually, I know. ((((: But I can not think this one way or another true story, a permits different conclusions: There was the breed dog with pedigree who had received an expensive training as a protection dog to which we came with our untrained, seemingly disobedient breed dog on plot. .. the owner of the other dog was even command watch Trained Fell also growled, put the hair and the lips - our untrained beings walked slowly forward and was always small, very slowly and barely visible, the lips went up - a sentence that definitely greater well-trained dog was gone and our dog came wagging its tail at us. layer, love. So search and find a shelter that you can achieve and will find it. :))))

Hello Arak1

I could imagine an older, calmer dog for you. One who has already enjoyed a certain education. It has in the last year a very nice event, in this regard, given in Newfoundland-in-distress. There were an amputee wheelchair users and an emergency Neufi together. Your whole story you read here:

http: // ...

Robert Grolimund and his Sammy, you can find even with facebook

Inform you nevertheless simply times with liberty-for-dogs (= retriever in distress) or one of the other retriever and Labrador in emergency organizations.

Good luck and all the best!

How do I bring the dog at the foot running?

the dog must be specifically trained for handicapped companion dog. There are also special coach. The dog should be decided in consultation with the coach, because not every dog ​​is so.

This link You can put yourself further information and also contact if necessary:

Turn thee to dog schools. Vlt there with you one who is familiar with it.

Also important that you would be an experienced Trainier had who chooses a dog from the shelter with you

There are dogs that just daf o r capable by their nature - are formed and accordingly!

Such a dog, then you'll at the shelter can not buy! Check with your health insurance for details it!

Inform yourself but please once clicker. I know of some in wheelchairs, who trained with this method their dogs. Also service dogs are usually trained on clicker training.

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