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Hello. I have a 7 months old bitch and she never stops the time. I feel it is in puberty and craps on everything I say. Commands or mating calls are ignored or accepted only when it is finished with sniffing. I despair yet. What can I do? Danke schon mal for the answers ...

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can only agree with the others in terms of canvas or towline. We are also only through (my dog ​​is in 2 Weeks 1 year old) and it is indeed known repeatedly. Since the 7th month of life she had about 1x a month the ear and out, then it was just went on a leash, after 1 week fine again. Then inevitably comes the first heat, as they are also first flashed .... one can understand, too.

I know nothing about your circumstances (ve read no further your questions), but I can you possibly still give an extra tip: If it will bear the situation and the feed used, you could think about you if you do not go to a food ration on the Walk feed could. Go for obedience exercises during a walk (for seat, space, Stay, shop or communion - whatever ...) there is a piece of food. For us it was super helpful, also because my poor eater is / was. But like other also look different. For us it was a great solution, it is geared more to me, listen well, it's fun to work with each other and I get enough food in my dog. Perhaps it will also help you. But please pay attention to the timing and reward no nonsense so, otherwise the shot backfires. If you have problems with the timing, you can also practice in a dog school the. The recommended anyway!

Good luck and have fun with your dog, stay tuned and let not frustrate you, that feels even your dog.

lg Christina

Stay tuned, be patient. This may take a few months.

It is particularly important that possible no stupid habits establish to the hormones subside and again stop off some rest.

Now is the time where the dog prefer to remain on the (following) line again instead of learning that he can ignore a call. Realistically assess how good are the chances of success, rather call even less but get the same.

Always in between aufrischen again the basics, simple exercises from puppyhood so you both have a sense of achievement and solidify Get basics right.

Eye contact, attention, recall these things. It also does not hurt if you make a couple of days break with new exercises if you have no desire or are frustrated. If you consistently dranbleibst comes the previously learned reappear when puberty is over. Since everyone must go through with NEM young dog.

Is like in humans also, in 15 years you have the feeling that would have never heard of etiquette and table manners heard although the hitherto nice brave children were. Amazingly, they remember their early 20s suddenly but turn again.

Puberty is double be so consistent. Learned things just prevail as before. Often you have to commands 2-3 x repeat, just carry on, possibly relearn. To retrieve I would take the dog to the towline, the your dog is not always rewarded himself. For example, you call your dog, do not come for each to your dog rewarded himself and you use from the command. Üben..üben ... practice. Bin with my 15 months old males are the 7-8 month continuous with the drag on the road. Until just everything sits.

Our Fellnasen reach puberty. Since one should resort to (tow) leash dear once more. Otherwise, they can end up even when the owner calls, I have to do anything.

But when that time is over, then you see that suddenly learned is back. At this time I would not establish a complicated new exercises. Dear practice the basic commands, and strengthen.

If the retrieval fails, then prefer the dog back and beiholen him. Otherwise this negative effect remains sometime in dog. And error from work is difficult.

Depending on the breed takes puberty a few months. Bad it is in the first heat which is usually now probably occur soon. As the dog hears namely just like a teenager. Namely no piece.

We had our dog from the start of heat only on leash walk. Was very stressful, because they are better at foot went right from the start without a leash as with. After puberty, she is now running with super linen, but where we live, that would not have been necessary. Advantage: You can now also in the city. :)

If one is just like you are in work, narrowly sidestepped on Burnout, unhappy at work is ... - then all are things which are transferred to your young bitch ...

She is 7 months old - so the best Flegelalter ...

You are entering the time probably not just as a sovereign mistress on (... have read your other question) - what do you expect because of your dog?

Commands and mating calls are not necessarily the first choice ...

Loving consequence, a lot of time and clever distraction rather lead to the goal.

In order to guide your dog properly, but you have to be with you at peace

Yes, even dogs have a phase where they all learned in asking questions .. there's only but repeated practice and train with their lot and line training until everything again works ... this is patience and einfuehlungswesen demand and a good estimate of sitauation ... try interesting to be for your dog, tolerate no delays - be consistent. if he does not follow he comes to the trailing leash until everything works again ..

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