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I was a few days ago in the pet store and as a dog owner came in with his dog. The seller has the dog - after having the owner asked - given a treat. The dog took the treat, put it in front of its owner and has maintained that this gave him the permission to eat it. And only when the gave him a sign, the dog ate it.

This of course is impressive and now I want to teach this to my dog. I only have unfortunately no idea where to start let alone how I can teach him ... Maybe someone knows more? Do you have any idea about this?

Much love and thanks in advance!

The best answer

Maybe you can give it with a cup-train :) treat underneath and then you whistle and makes the cup high and the dog can eat it ... eventually get used to the dog vlt it and eats only treat after you've caught :). just so are theories no guarantee of success: D

I would work out first of all with non-edible things ...

If your dog can already retrieve, it is easier. Otherwise you should give him the "bring" first time to teach ...

Then you ask a friend to help you. The one is to give your dog something and you say "bring". Then he should put it in you "from" front. If she is able to to 1.000%, then you are practicing the things with fressbaren.

It is important that your dog you ALWAYS everything has to bring what the friend gives him. After you practice this with many other people

My dog ​​is better ;-), of strangers, he does nothing. We have to take that and give him home.

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