Dog trembles perhaps missing you my parents are not there?

So my 3 year old female dog trembles since this morning from time to time. If I fondle it calms down again, however. For us it is very cold -4 degrees or so. I often read the tremor also an indication of pain were could, I've scanned and she has only seen as a caress so not whined or so. However, my parents yesterday flown on holiday and my mother always is otherwise with her is logically not there. Could it be that my dog ​​missing you? She eats, but is very restless and runs through the house as if she were looking for something. Once it has a cloth of Mama she calms down. What should I do? Let me have a ride with her to the vet?

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The probability that it has to do with the absence of the parents is already large. If the dog in the house tremble, it will probably have nothing to do with the weather conditions. Tremble them outside and is a small or old dog, it may have to do with the cold.

However, can also be a sign of other things tremors. Our dog has once trembled, took him to the vet - it was a budding pneumonia. Eighth please times on the temperature of the dog, it appears you very high, I would sometimes go to the vet, even if the dog does not eat or drink, or hardly.

Otherwise try a lot to keep you busy with the dog and distract. Under certain circumstances, you can try it with Adaptil to calm the dog. You'd have found in many pet shops.

That may be, that they miss your mother when she is always there and the bitch was previously rarely separated from your mother.

Mach you the thing Just bearable by you give her plenty of love and cuddles, cuddle them in their dog basket and blanket your mother laying beside it. Odors may uncommonly calm.

If the trembling does not go away, if your parents are back I would vll times to the vet. But that's just my opinion, just a response to an unusual situation.

Go walkies times the dog ..... and play with him.

You need closeness so cuddly with her, etc. everything has turned his hair;) He / she is looking for someone of his close are :) LG Alex

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