dog trick to teach with a ball and treats?

Will my dog ​​teach he umschmeisst the ball so that he treats out but gets I do not know what to do so he got it

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You have to fill the ball when it is and it looks a little, you can Add him .. then let the ball roll himself on the ground .. up a little fall out. He will soon connect the treats with the ball and try everything possible


I would raise the ball and when he looks to put the Leckerlie into it and then put down the ball again.

If the dog's Leckerlie really like it is normally understood by you and try re throw.

You can even at the beginning when he's trying to throw it and help not immediately creates.

Lg. Lena

Just let try if it falls once it looks out there making ers VLT.

You can not fool it by simply.

My find the thing boring

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