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Hi I have a Maltese, who is 1 year and 3 months old. He can already: sit, down, male, Give Paw and High Five. I wanted to ask what I could teach him that. Who has ideas, please write in the comments. (Of course, I'm doing him no pressure and try to teach him on the first day, but I try to only 2 or 3 times a day from.)


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Since there's lots: Shame on you, roll, Peng, Knicks / servant, stubs, touch, take, take, hold, various objects tell apart (this then let fetch), give the role he loudly ... In a comment I read not get out, because it is too hectic, because the treat. That should be learned well, exercises start with rest, and wait. When I find my can be hectic, the exercise is completed and only carried on, when he comes down. Because you can just practice impulse control. Have fun tinkering :-)

Role is great;) can also mean! Bang bang, when you do that, should the Hundi drop. Game dead is also great;) Here is a picture of my Maltese :)

what I could teach him that.

just look at this page. There are well explained dogs tricks for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

If I do by hand, as I would say a gun and bang, my dog ​​falls down and is again only on command :-)

Begging, role, Give loud game Dead

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