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Hello So you love my famous got a dog yesterday and so we known and I are seeeeeeehr good friends and I should / would also often go dog with and play we have him gaaaaanz ängstlicch So something I have from the animal shelter is still not seen them even fear fly before! Anyway, I would like very much trust build her we hold very dear friends are just now I can caress them though and they also run me manchmaaal afterwards but it acts trz. defensively on me! What should I do? dankeee

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Hi biene196, the first and probably most important tip I would give you is WAIT, the dog must own to you come and remember that you do not "risk" for him since. What should you do in no case is the dog to harass so always entice you to go back and for him. What are you trying times can kneel you in about 2 m distance now and to lay a treat far ahead of yourself when he comes is good if not just go away and try again. I hope I could help a bit :-) .AlinaMaa.

Only times the dog has to build to its new owners trust. You stand there in the 2nd row, If now everyone rumzerrt to the dog and everyone what he wants, it gets worse rather than better with the anxiety. So the new owner and the dog let first time alone! The dog must only times learn to whom it belongs. And you're not.

you have to give the dog a little time, it's all still new to him. And if he is so afraid he will have in his past probably made also bad experience with people. And therefore he must first remember that there are people who want Him nothing bad and to whom he can trust. So give the animal time then everything will be fine.

The dog has to get used to the new environment, only once. Just give him a little time. Then you will have become best friends.

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Let them first arrive and and get used to the acquaintances, until you come.

Once the dog has settled in and rely on acquaintances have you can start. Not earlier


You've got your confidence even when you can caress. What you're asking in a couple days. Learning you once know. give small treat, go for a walk. Then comes basic trust. Yet you get to know you. among men is not different.

When, question totally unnecessary. Have fun.

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