Dog varies, tends only to the right and falls (no equilibrium)

Hello, for a few hours can not just run from my dog, tends always to run just to the right and tried always to lean. He also drinks a lot and when he is a few seconds or sitting it tilts to the right, and also rotates in a circle sometimes when you call him and he tries to run on a. Nevertheless, he is well, he barks and also has appetite and plays. What could that be? Should I consult a veterinarian?

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Better go quickly to the vet. Maybe he has a problem with his hip. Or - as already mentioned in another answer - a neurological problem. The excessive drinking could be a sign of pain.

Of course you should go to the vet. Your dog has a neurological problem, which can also be what serious. Quick to the veterinary clinic!

Of course, you should consult the veterinarian. The dog has determined pain, a neurological or muscular problem. That's not funny. So you should immediately to the vet.

Today the vet - he eiiilt !!!!! From stroke through to neurological disease that anything can be. Hurry up, it's an emergency !!!!

To vet him. Maybe it's a stroke. A tumor would also be possible. I certainly hope everything is not for the animal, but you have to be right there to do something!

Should I consult a veterinarian?

No, what for? It's completely normal the behavior of your dog. Just wait until he no longer gets up - it will not be long until death !!!!

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The can of it puts his all to poisoning or cancer which in the ear. Is always a danger signal something

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