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Hello, I have 2 boys, one 6 months and the other 1.5 years. Then a female which is 2 years old and scored puppies are now 8 weeks old. Now the problem, it began with the 6-month dog. He has little eaten and was only in his basket and has not moved for what it should, in addition he also has eingepullert in sleep .... He had to vomit and a little diarrhea. We went with him to the doctor and it turned out that he had an almond / cystitis. Now the worst ... Now also caught our females to vomiting + diarrhea .. We went with her to the doctor, 2 syringes + stomach x-ray and is not 100% diagnosis ... And today began our 1.5 year old male and a puppy to cause vomiting. Our hygiene is good. The puppies we hold in large outdoor enclosure with eco-scattering, etc. Kacka each hour away (unless it is bedtime, then the next morning immediately). The dogs get a super food of the brand Wilderness. We do not understand what is happening here and have anxiety about our puppies, because they are most unstable. Could it be an infection? LG

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You've got a virus - and only when the with all your dogs is by being better. My tip - propolis and green healing earth. Especially the puppy you can protect very well, since it enormously increases the defensive power with propolis. The immune system of puppies is thankfully not too sensitive (are already 8 weeks old).

Instant puppies and mom of all other separate.

Can be an infectious disease, and thus it can also be given via eg normal dogs Contact on - or even by you - depending on what kind of infection it is.

White TA that 8 week old puppies are born? If not, call and tell immediately.

Kot is delivered - please make pressure that you get the result quickly.

Would definitely call the TA and inform him that a puppy is already "sick". Your Possibly should all puppies to the vet, but that must decide the.

Puppies do not have so strong immune system and stuck to jerk twitch. Problem is, that can be fatal for the puppies something.

Could it be an infection?

yes, that may be an infectious disease very well. Do have your stool samples? Otherwise, I would catch up quickly.

Puppies are very susceptible to infectious diseases and may sooner or later fall ill also. You should discuss with your veterinarian whether preventive medical treatment is advised.

Yeah, otherwise it would not be so rampant. Then I wish you good luck with the puppies!

Yes, we have a jar for getting the bowels of the mother. If 3 days collecting.

you have a breed logged ud stands you a Zuchtwart to the side? which can often help very well and have a lot of experience! google please morosche carrot soup -the is very helpful in diarrhea and vomiting and also for puppies suitable ...

Yes, sure ... now is very dangerous for your puppy !!!

White the vet because ever that you keep several dogs and a bitch that is just concerned with the puppy breeding ???

In any case you should on Tuesday even the vet ask all puppies and the dog to thoroughly investigate ...

The bitch and her puppies you should by all other dogs and keep away for the next day of strangers.

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