Dog vomits and eats it then ... normal?

My dog ​​vomited and ate it immediately. I think that's soo disgusting.

Is that normal? Make your dogs too?

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This may be normal. "Transport" canids such as lining of the booty home for the puppies and choke which the front. Physically dogs do therefore easier with the vomit as one of us, it will come faster again what high if it is not good in the stomach. Some dogs devour ZB first their food and break it back out to get it to eat "alone" again, as in ner quiet corner. Even if they have eaten with excitement the first time (eg dog place "to big chunks at Barf etc) there is like ne second round ...

If it occurs frequently, you should but sometimes appeal to the vet and possibly rethink your food habits.

Yes, unfortunately this is normal and healthy. Sorry, but there's only times just look away!

Well if this is normal is sometimes debatable, but it is definitely not harmful as long as in the vomit are not contaminated feed or foreign bodies.

Theoretically, everyone could eat his vomit again, only for humans, it is of course disgusting and that's why he does not do that. I can feel what dogs with you not say '

yes my also makes it more especially when he ate grass: D

I have a dog but go once to the vet with him

hm ... Just ask your vet ... I do have a hangover but if it breaks, he wants at least an hour nothing more.

This is perfectly normal

Is perfectly normal, totally disgusting, but normal.

Yes is normal! In nature, the animals may not leave any traces and therefore they eat it up. That's not disgusting.

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