Dog vomits often, bad?


Our dog has vomited times already 6, 1 times a noodle, 4 times yellow, and 2 times their "lunch", nuggets and wet food. The lining has then eaten again. Is that what serious? I'm worried! She is 13 years old and is a Labrador mixed breed.

Please help me!!

LG Eva

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Hello Evie,

which is for a 10-year girl of course a major problem.

A dog which vomits, you should take away the food and once again not stand.

Then you should ask your parents to take the dog to the vet, because with such an old dog vomiting may also have serious consequences quickly.

If your parents do not want to do, for example, because a vet costs too much money, then at least try that the dog today NOTHING gets to eat. Beware, however, that he always has plenty of fresh water, so that he does not "dry".

I wish you a speedy recovery for your dog


Hello Evie

Dogs have a sensitive stomach and intestinal tract .To have certainty I would still are for TA gehen.Es all emergency services that can help your dog and your concern calm.

Good luck to you zwei.uNG

It comes in advance (rarely) before the a dog vomits, usually 2x quick succession yellow and often with tufts of grass in it. Is it then good and the dog again perfectly normal he gets instead of the usual food (but only later! As dinner) unsalted boiled, cooled and mashed potato. If he does not eat so can a grated carrot and a little boiled chicken with pure. He does not preserve the case or if he is somehow flabby you should go to the vet, not what he has eaten the wrong or so.

It is not normal that a dog so often are.

Please give the dog nothing more vorallen no noodles.

Do not you have your number of TA? I can call my anytime if what is.

Has he eaten anything outside? And look that the dog is drinking enough.

Search strictly on the Nottierarzt or the veterinary clinic.

Dog has vomited today 6 times, 1 times a noodle, 4 times yellow, and 2 times their "lunch"

are you sure it was a pasta and not a worm?

In any case you should quickly find a veterinarian, or now on WE visit a veterinary clinic. That sounds not good and the dog should / must quickly be helped.

Only a veterinarian can help your dog, here no one!

Animal hospitals are open on weekends around the clock!

This is definitely not normal !!! Immediately to the vet and let the poop stomach

Would consult a veterinarian.

How about putting on weight?


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