Dog vomits! What to do

My dog ​​has passed two minutes before ate at 8am what should I do?

The best answer

Wait and then it is best not physically straining. If it does not get better after a few days you should then but make a doctor appointment.

I would now wait and see a few days my dog ​​had also times and after 2 days she was well again

Nothing. Perhaps he has only feed above or outside what gets bad. If otherwise is doing well and it has not happened again no problem;)

Check if he has eaten what Spoiled. Otherwise stand water to drink, leave him alone and wait. If in which it remains a time, it is ok. If he vomits frequently, you need to vet him.

It would wipe out a start. Dog vomit now and then for no particular reason.

clean soil and leave the dog alone

doctor tomorrow

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