DOG vomits yellow liquid / phlegm, I have to worry?

The dog of my parents, a Swetna Bolonka, vomits occasionally morning (not regular) yellow, foamy liquid, sometimes that's all a bit slimy. I would argue it is stomach acid (?). Today he has passed 3 times and repeatedly choked without what came. After that, everything is always normal. Could this be something more serious, someone has already experienced so at his dog?

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In some dogs which is a so-called. Fasting break. There come more often get in dogs the only one meal.

This can be seen from afar say bad. Depending on how the food is what the dog might incidentally eats, etc. may be important clues.

But if that occurs more or less frequently, even if it is irregular, I would talk through definitely times with a veterinarian. Perhaps true as something completely different with the dog does not and should not be deported then.

All the best for the dog.

It can of "nonsense" out in nature eat (eg wood) be anything up to poison. Driving to the vet!

Have the sellbe trouble with my dog ​​he also vomits every morning so yellow slime ... but for some time and the doctor said he ruterschluckt too much air ... I do not think so

That what you mean Galle. It is usually nothing bad maybe he just too much grass eaten or so. Just wait einbisschen from when he no longer has to break then is all right.

I would go to the doctor immediately: /

We also have a bolonka zwetna. this has only 1 time but vomited in a dog book I read that vomiting in dogs is normal .. but if it occurs frequently better go to the doctor ...

Just go to the doctor. Watch him even when he is out. Dogs eat grass meisst auhc. But then meisst green.

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