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Who can tell me which side my dog ​​has to run on the walker with me?

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Hi I'd already recommended the dog then let run right by you, so that if you the dog between the house and walker have in the direction of travel of a road, rather than between road and walker. Has the advantage that he can not make a lunge on the road as well as interested people can not move forever to the Pelle him. And also can not just place ran dogs when he runs with you at the walker he works virtually, play etc it can then make off leash :) Have our Google the whole thing with a target stick beigerbacht to him just to show exactly where he run is now happy you are so very good, so that my friend would soon try it without any training situation even walk with a wheelchair and dog to go :) so chin up, the walker is even easier;)

as it is most convenient for you ... frankly that would be too uncertain ... as a dog is usually faster than a menschmit rollator ... in a "shopping mobile" it is much easier with a dog ...

train him pages for both.

The dog goes on the side on which the disabled person has the best walking feeling ... The disabled man knows best how he throws the dog wisest - for something there are no "rules" that must dominate the dog. ..

This reminds me indeed almost to the antiquated Dog Drill schools of Anno-Tuck ...

My Greater Swiss accompanied my mother without a leash with about half a body length before the walker ...

Must he must do nothing. He's going where he runs the most. My dog ​​runs eig always left foot or behind me when I push a wheelchair etc.

I would say the side facing away from traffic

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