Dog wanted: Apartment: Tips?

Hello, I'm playing for some time with the idea to buy myself a friend for life (provided the family with play). I like dogs very much just the only problem is the property .. That is probably what I would like the Favorites never expect the Labrador, Genenerell no large dogs, no strong expectant dogs ... etc ...

Furthermore, it should have a friendly way, so get along have no great hunting instinct with other animals as long as it comes and not be too large that it feels comfortable in our apartment.

Three days a week would this even up to 6 hours can be left alone. The rest of the week would still anyone :) home Should I under these Kriterrien even think about me a dog zuzulegen? Or is the time bearable for him?

To me, I like to go and often walk and have a not too far entfärnten Garden of not even grad is small. I thought at the time to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Bichon Frisè. Shiba inu's also are fond of but probably not suitable for me. I look forward to experience stories and tips

Thank you :)

The best answer

Three days a week would this even up to 6 hours can be alone

these Vorraussetungen I would really recommend that you do not have a dog because you have a dog so long should be alone!

A puppy would ever be eliminated entirely, because you can have puppies in the first months GAR NOT alone. A puppy has late. every 2 hrs. at night and in between out, has brought up several times daily. fed.

Would therefore advise you to take a already behaved dog is already accustomed to stay alone. At the shelter, many such dogs are to be found!

I think it's not good when 15-year-old spend as adults. So much for your profile.

For dog: Your wish is legitimate, but such a dog as described by you, there is no off the shelf. A dear individual who has zero instincts, are designed to protect the apartment and 6 hours must be left alone, there are tens of manufacturers. Made of fabric. Without the hassle of hair, barking, etc.

Your question, I can not take them seriously.

15 year old allowed to be "set" no dog! - Soon you will begin an education or study and nch have much less time for a dog!

I recommend you a pug or a pug mix.

It makes me just suspicious: your daughter is 15 years old ... - and you go to school, learn math there, Italian, etc. - but: what the heck ???

If your domestic situation is not a living dog will be comfortable!

But the action taken by you breed selection lets me assume that you have from the very different characters of the dogs "0" -Ahnung.

That what you expect anything from a dog is not everything, anyway feasible. no dog You buy when you before the acquisition of the animal already knows that the dog has to endure regelmäßg six hours alone!

I look forward to experience stories and tips

and I would be interested, what do you have to offer at all a living dog !!!

learning only once by viiiieeeel read all about the attitude and essence vonhunden know about you then you can at the acquisition denken-- books from the animal learn publisher

and nein-- you can a dog not 3 x a week for 6 hours alone lassen-- course would a dog that would slowly accustomed to not complain, but he could also do not and that is why one should not expect him ,

the king charles is a qualzucht-- gooogel please times thereafter

you are a child?? then please consider that you will begin sometimes to work all day and then no more ziet ahhst for a dog. it would then eh YOUR dog, but of your eltern-- THE would want to own a dog and can provide him a uch, with all the consequences

NO, for you will no dog in question!

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