Dog wanted. With these features,

Hey Hey, Will soon be 18 and look around just for a dog. I do not know what breed to take. I'd prefer to take a Bernese Mountain Dog. But the dog should also have these characteristics: Cuddly little run, black-brown or black-and-white fur have. He should not drooling, long hair not necessarily, no floppy ears. What do you think which dog breed is the closer to it.

The best answer

A plush dog.

Every dog ​​needs lots of exercise.

Cuddly can not get to the race, but the character.

Incidentally, you have thus excluded a Bernese Mountain (drooling, has long hair and floppy ears).

Better go to the shelter and look around there. There must be no specific breed, including.

But after it is clear what the dog is to offer you what you can offer him?

If you are 18, you start but soon to an education. Can you as the dog about to take or where it remains in the 9 hours, you're going to be gone a day? A dog one may indeed be only 4-5 hours max alone.

And you have in training the financial means? I would not have had time. Purchase price (the shelter 350, Breeder 1500, - Euro) monthly costs (150, - Euro), especially in such a large animal.

And what about when you go out training or something.

I mean as a dog has been living as 10-15 years (a rather Berner 7-9). You then have the next Jahe day with him out and you ALWAYS take care of him.

Like the others have said. I have three dogs (2 + Terrier Labrador - Howard Mongrel). and I need early before work already alone 2 hours. Noon after work again 2-4 hours and evening I go then only a short period. We also have a garden. PLEASE come to think of you any good if you have a dog möchtest.Dann education is also important !!!! GLG

little spout

if you can provide a little dog outlet, you should on a dog without. Each dog benötig enough exercise and employment.

If you in an apartment and not in home living with garden, can you hold no Berner. Berner Sennehunde are completely unsuitable for town homes, as they daytime prefer to spend time (summer and winter) take place outside in a heated town homes.

In addition, climbing stairs can be difficult or even impossible in case of accident or old age. How do you then want such a heavy dog ​​the stairs several times daily. Up and get down ?!

I would to advise you look you look around the shelter. There many beautiful dogs are looking for a home. Certainly one will be there, as near as your ideas and fits you!


I would advise you to look around you at the shelter for a somewhat older dog :-) There are always times again which case, the not so insane need lots of exercise, but rather have a nice spot on the sofa.

And if you'll find it not in the very first shelter, you try it more

Good luck and lg

Little Discontinued ??? Long coat, he should also have not, and certainly no floppy ears ??? That does not necessarily to large dogs love to! I would recommend you have a dog.

Since you are willing to grant only a limited run, a dog is not necessarily right for you.

Would not a cat better? As release prisoners, it shall obtain its outlet to taste alone, cuddly are all well imprinted on humans cats, black / brown or black / white - there are plenty of both Rassekatzen alsauch normal domestic cats and mongrels, and the hair length is selected and up to the Scottish Fold all Stehohren. Oh and drooling do cats aged more than anything, if they are toothless.

My contribution was not evil, but you should really think about the alternative, "cat" to think that fits probably better to you.

Here the response of a small berner mix with schlappohren:

my rudel leader should always respond prudently and confidently on my running needs. I need every day in the wind and rain, the running, as the air to breathe. the handling of other artgenossen is also not unimportant, finally are biped only interesting if they smell good, for example. after liverwurst, mark bone or the like ... the second most important addition to the communication is good fodder. .. Regular checks in physician, and help when I am unsure what I do not need pampered like to pet understanders wishing possible to specify with me or weiber break open ... I just want to be dog, with all the trimmings .. ,

you know where a Bernese Mountain Dog comes from - and what is his job because ???

that past with your "request program" not together. Even a tiny little dog needs daily long trips -a herding dog is for long work been bred drussen ..

With 18 you do most training or Stuedium and usually has not SUFFICIENT time and money for a dog ... what you have to offer a dog's?

Since there's so dogs with NEM button in ear .... you can in geschaeft buy ..... the company which manufactures is stiff .....

So let's face so that nothing will ... due to the expiry of little .... every dog ​​needs to get out and makes iwie also work .... about it, you should be already clear .... and so nem big dog like you want to ... how do you live ??? probably with 17 still at your parents ..... what do the the pet to your wish ..... how big is your house or do you have a house .... son large dog needs space so ????? Who pays for the dog eat the tax insurance vet du etc ??? Of what???

Think about the better again

For you there is the perfect dog from the kennel Precious

STEIFF with the button in the ear

(Bernese Mountain Dog Berni is to have in different sizes and price ranges of Steiff)

The dog should have certain characteristics - and how about it so with you from?

What are you willing to do for the dog?

With little spout absolutely no living dog is happy !!!

Before you think about all of the purchase of a lively dog, read prefer once one or the other book on the subject

the thing with the dog

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