Dog was "bitten" or "scratched" what to do?

Hi I have a problem and although my little Chihuahua dog played with the dog of my friend (Jack Russell) and how it is among dogs so there quickly Zickereien. My little had briefly squealed and I have nothing, until I noticed me at Thought their small wound on the eye. She has under the right eye a crack and it has easily bled. Only now it's swollen and she has pain and is anxious. I have her eye ointment of bepahnten smeared on her plan as I have previously googled whether it is ok. I wanted to ask if here are a few tierliebe go yet and can help me to I can go to the vet later. I am totally excited and am afraid. Please help me or give me a few tips by Lg

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If you afterwards anyway are going to the vet, you need not worry. That's nothing wild. ;-)

Do you not have a head. This shall be done already.

You have the dog calm iwie to accept poor or so

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