Dog was kidnapped police does not help

Hi folks, I have a very big problem, the dog of my mother and me was at Hundesitterin ner a few months ago and has since hijacked (ie the brother) brother vob is very dangerous and wanted ransom for him but he has backtracked made because he was afraid ... the police want because the police are also not help I'm so on, I despair definitely want my dog ​​back there's no way ohn again get (the guy has him vllt chipped) and wears nen knife with rum. We even have pictures of him with our other dog as proof that it is our dog. We even had a method but it was adjusted

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I would tell you how I would take care of it, probably my'd locked acc ... therefore only this: Go with your mother to a lawyer! lawyers know them so out what to do in such a case, also I would put together again with the police, or others from family, and so on bekannstschaftskreis ask what you could do ...

all I know, unfortunately,



You have the dog's owner to sue for restitution. This is a civil and not a criminal case. Therefore, the police is not responsible.

a dog is an object according to the law. thus so not important. as long as you can prove anything bad luck

Why the case was closed? Why not the police help? Is difficult to understand, please give more information.

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