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Hi, I know there is the dog waste law and I know the Hundebsitzer are obliged to pile their dogs to be removed immediately. But what if they do not they? My neighbor (as I a Mitegentümerin) leaves her dog in Community garden, hinmachen regularly right outside my patio door and naturally thinks not turn it disposed of. She just does it not! She strikes pointing or talking to her is futile. Now my question: how do I do it? Do I need to collect evidence ??? Do I have to show, call the police? make Heimlich Photos? Camera shots? Please help me ... I come almost every day in the dog shit to the delight of my neighbor.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Meggylein1973 that modern behavior of most dog owners is a challenge to good social behavior. The behavior of your neighbor is an outrage and they obviously want to fight with you, you should take him. Collect the feces and throw him into her mailbox. I would show this horrible dog keeper also. And I would include the property management. Good would be witnesses or photos or tell the other residents of the building and team up against the insolent dog keeper. I am normally a peace-loving man, but with dog owners who regularly deliberately lie with close lasener Sch ... humiliate their fellow e, should be much rabbiater deal, then the problem would fix itself dog feces.

This law is with you in the front yard not, the front yard is not a public space. Are there any other co-owners in the house? Do these same problems?

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