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I can no longer take care of my 2 dogs Shih Tzu, from personal illness reasons. !!! can I leave them at the shelter without fear Srafen ????

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You need not fear any punishment because you abgibst your dog for health reasons at the shelter. Punishment only have the people to fear suspend their dogs. It may be that the shelter a fee for receiving the dogs nimmt.Gib the shelter in any case the vaccination cards with so that the dogs are not vaccinated once müssen.Ich wish your dogs they very soon find nice new home and your health might improve after giving of dogs. It is always difficult to separate from animals, but your health comes first.

You can let them convey also the shelter. That is, they have your dogs etc on their website and if someone reports you can viz themselves decide to whom thou continue giving! I find personally better. And your dogs have hitherto then a home.

can I leave them at the shelter without fear Srafen ????

ensure you get no penalty, Shelters are yes to there so that you may post there be animal / animals. You must, however, if any, proposed for all papers such as vaccination records and Ahnenpass with. These papers are indeed to animals.

give animals the TH is not illegal and Shi Tzus (generally small cute dogs), if well educated, will find in the blink of Nix a new home. If then MMN but ne generous donation dalassen .. and you think the next pet purchase accurately.

Whatever comes is on display as eBay Classifieds or reinzusetzen dhd24 because private individuals can then get back to you what your interest in dogs have and you can determine who is the new owner himself. Then they do not need to the shelter.

If you do abgibst the shelter you have to fear any punishment. I guess that is your very difficult decision. only if you would expose them somewhere and it gets going, the draw a fine of 25,000 euros to be. But if you do abgibst the shelter you need not be afraid of punishment to have.

Wiso you should have to worry about a penalty if you wilt own you that you are the animals can no longer cope and can therefore in an animal shelter give where they are then conveyed hopefully soon? is prosecuted the abandonment of animals, but not the delivery at a shelter.

If you want the best for them I would give them to the shelter likely they will find there a beautiful home and you'll get certainly no penalty

Of course you are allowed your dog to animal shelter bring them to mediate in good hands with the request. The staff at the shelter will ask you to give as much as possible information about the dog ... Maybe you will be asked to your financial ability to donate something for the welfare ...

Being punished you (rightly) when you pack the dogs in a box and exposes them !!!

Have you ever talked with the breeders of your dog? Often know breeders someone like an adult animal would take with him ...

I wish you and the dogs all the best

No you will not be punished, presumably you have to pay a toll fee, but it since that the shelter can buy food for the animals, etc., and not to punish the people.

Us, you can also sell, put it in the classified ads and then you see if someone reports sensible who can give both a beautiful home.

Yes, you can and do not have to worry about penalties -. Otherwise people would have preferred to expose their animals in the forest ....

want you rather pick and choose people who will then take care of your dog?

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