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My little niece is 10 and is already in August 11 and she wishes ardently for 2 years a dog. And my sister asked me what breeds as well would be for 11 years. She also has a little sister is 7 and the problem she is afraid of big dogs. So they would need a very very child loving dog. If the something to the race on or how the dog "educates" and if you get him a puppy or later? Is there breeds that are well suited for families? Thank you in advance :)

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Actually, every dog ​​be a child-friendly family dog, which is mainly due to the experience and education. Still, I find the reasoning important because a large dog, so he loved this may be, a lot of strength .... for example, has a cat on the street and a child has no chance to get hold of him. A very small dog enticed the kids rather to bear in constantly rum ... which is not good either. We (also 3 children, the smallest is 3) decided on a Kleinelo and the choice has never regretted. Googel it out ... If I alone, I would have wanted in the shelter, but I was taking no chances and get to know a puppy from the outset and educate. Good luck in your search and your sister should best first allow time to read a lot and make honest thoughts, whether they work is aware to which they would engage.

So they would need a very very child loving dog.

there are plenty of kid-friendly family dog. I would recommend to go to the shelter first time, there are many already behaved dog looking for a beautiful home! And honest and good advice you will be there too!

Children love dogs are not born but educated. And so as a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, American Stafford or Doberman can be real little souls in dealing with kids, Labrador, Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherds can become vicious and dangerous animals with children.

Your nieces are fortunately at an age where you can tell them things. For example, that you have to let dogs (especially the sweet puppy) at rest when they lie down when they eat or play with her toys. Most children Hater dogs I know are grown up with children whose parents have failed to protect the dog from the children.

Most at risk are puppies. Are they animated by the children above all in the first few weeks, when they are new, sweet and interesting, constantly to play, rumgeschleppt or outside dragged through the area, they will quickly learn to fight with their teeth.

Means: Your sister needs first, a concept:

  • Where is the nearest dog school and when she has time to go there? In the first year of life a dog needs consistent and especially permanent education. Otherwise one has lifelong stress.
  • What happens with the dog on vacation? Coordinating the needs of a dog and two kids on vacation, is not merely add: No water park, just a few amusement parks (there are no shows), etc.
  • Puppy Distrust an adult dog that reacts friendly to children and a certain level of education has? If someone has no dog experience, I would always advise to the second variant. The risk to mess up a puppy is much greater.

It depends very much on the erfahrungeb and education of the dog.

However, I would not bring any to untwisted breeds such as Jack Russel. Labbis can be very patient contemporaries.

Newfoundlands are very quiet animals. Eig the larger the dog more comfortable.

goes but zsm times to the shelter and let you advise. There sit many friendly dogs that are out of the worst out. In puppies can make a lot of wrong, which later pretty, but it's nice to see grow up a puppy.

Iht can sometimes at dog schools ask, many offer counseling.

Dogs should not come into the hands of children! Later, no interest has more .. Etc.

If the niece lives in the city is a terrier not to recommend, since they are very restless

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