Dog whines constantly .. What to do?

I have a dog brought animal shelter from the first to a day to see how he deals with the cat he understands has not become aggressive does not growl or so ... I left my cat katzenbox only in and the dog on a leash so that they can sniff you first for 10 minutes then I have both let it rest and put my cat in another room (no box)! In the first experiment to me noticed that the dog whined all the time and has pulled on the leash without end because he wanted to cat ... And he has my cat staring then I have made myself the net bit clever how it still can try then both got half an hour resting phase in a space dog on a leash and cat completely free so the cat the pace dictated by the then sitting on his kratzbaum and was fairly quiet after a few minutes and relaxed only the dog still staring at him the whole time and whined therefore I have him locked eyes gently and it distracted him stop it. which has then works out pretty well only really trust I him not ... And since he unfortunately has no black more, I could just not see exactly whether he is afraid or angry or something ... Even I did not know what the whine mean had ... I was would not sure what happen when I completely let go of him ... Because when I had him on a leash, he moved all the time and as already mentioned, he whined ... Kann mir vlt anyone tell me what it meant possibly ?! I try it this Saturday again and give both the time they need to get used to each other ..

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The dog whines because he is tense and wants to get to the cat. It must run vice-versa, the cat approaches the dog. If the dog losschießt once the cat, you can forget the socialization, they will never trust him. You must have patience. Separating the two only times again. First of the cat should get used to you and the new environment. The idea with the box was crap, frankly. Always only inform, and then act.

Lies: https: //www./frage/neue-katze-an-hund-gewoehnen foundin = answer-list ...?

Within 1-2 days you can not get used to each dog and cat. It can be seen only as an indication of whether the cat eg panic or not.

Your cat seems to be quiet, which is itself very well.

With Staring You mean I think fixing. can fix mean that he wants to chase them - also Winzeln suggests.

I have cats and dogs. And I have repeatedly used a new dog to a cat that had no dogs. The magic word is "time and patience".

Hundi Never run the cat behind. That really can. Once on a leash while you are ever unsure or the dog is not under your command.

I'll give you how I did it:

My dog ​​looks cats as prey. Therefore, he was on a leash. The cat ran around, dog on a leash. He had to make room, which he of course was very hard. I had to repeatedly send into space and repeatedly errinnern him from him, if he wanted to look up. Eventually he relaxed in place. And that's good - it must relax. For relaxation I have praised and petted him. Not previously!. This we made sure 2-3 nights, because every time the new bye, he fixed again and wanted to go. I had him only but always the first 10min on a leash - but he obeys. Is this not the case, it is completely blank canvas tuned.

Eventually I made him turn a towline and read him go. However, he was at the time still. When it came towards cat, I sent him to the court and to be careful, I stood on the towline. However, as he followed my orders, I could soon make off the train.

OF the day he became calmer when he saw the cat. However, it took weeks until I could trust him really and could leave him completely ran to the cat.

I live with 2 cats and 2 dogs. My cats come with a walk and be licked by the dogs. I can now trust all be 100% sure.

It just takes a long time.

Hi, unfortunately you have apparently made quite a lot of mistakes innerhlab no time :( The you that is not noticed with the box is good, so your cat then has now at least had a bit better start. But cat imprison and dog please ranführen never do it again, this is the nightmare of any cat.

And since I have read grade hound so you have very different guns ascend. Have a Podi mix associated with our cats quasi that lasted but about 5-6 months. It is important that you not überforderst the dog and now you have been unfortunately done very often. The whining is grad hound a sign that he is on the verge of no longer being able to hold. every day just a few minutes would be important for the dog pure lead as long as he is quiet and go out again. Once it begins to scratch, yawn and panting ... you were too long in the cat inside. Even the smell should get him, for us it was automatically because the cats that beforehand lived there and he has every day the cat smelled yes to us, and in its whole territory.

Can you only recommend you expert help to pick up, because you do quite a lot of mistakes and it can also be, that is just never work the hunting dogs and cats and it would be good if someone the situation even look locally and you also can tell whether it is reasonable. And please the dog neither hold nor Covering Eyes (he smells the cat, he hears it, he feels it, his eyes hold is meaningful free and stresses the dog only). Loose Leash, at best, have exercised their pre-seating and Stay and it loosely pure lead carefree. Curiosity is good, it must look as long as he remains with you.

And disturbing sounds in no case, just like you there, he would not hesitate to hunt its prey to describe to ...

Judging from your description, your doglike guest could have the cat likes to eat. fix eyed, whining as a sign of excitement could be interpreted from the outside as a series of incipient hunting. To make sure I would show it to a further person, perhaps an employee of the shelter could assess the situation with you .... In this sense, good evening and please do not let him off leash ....

Hello, the dog whines because he wants to the cat. Therefore, he also pulls on the leash.

I would - if at all possible - do not interrupt the familiarization phase. You write, you try it again on Saturday. That is, since a whole week is now in between - I would even say that you then every weekend begin quasi again.

I have in my new items always make sure that the cat, the dog, if possible, not running behind (ie put or dog with leash in the apartment, which you can access to emergency quickly).

If he is staring it likely that he sees them as prey. Here is a pretty good guide: http: // a = 1 & t = 0 & y = 3001 & r = 0 & n = 246 & c = 25 & amp ...?

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