Dog whines when we go to sleep


I currently following problem, my Australian Shepherd bitch almost 1 year old comes since about 2 weeks at night the stairs up (we have a house and on the first floor we sleep), which does not want my mother.

The background: My dog ​​came prop never the stairs until 1 or nearly 2 months, where she was suddenly in front of a door. So it was the end of January was their first heat by and for 2 weeks, they come at night the stair squeaks up and barking so long until one of us she leaves the room. At the beginning I have repeatedly sent down and sent them on their ceiling. So I probably. 4h sleep had, because it came up again and again. Meanwhile we can from them and into the room which of course completely wrong but because simply do not know how to go and also our need sleep. We have also placed relatively quickly at the bottom of the stairs an obstacle where it has come either from time to time by or simply whimpered and barked all night. we have of course endured not long. So also is that we were last week at the doctor and having our concerns, it was apparent Pregnant confirmed. However, this is not very pronounced. it was initially held during the day very affectionate and has ball anywhere taken her out with. I must say that my dog ​​is quite affectionate in.

I've tried myself to read clever but found nothing clever.

I just want to know whether the possibly after some time lays pseudopregnant behavior can indeed pull over several weeks. Then if I can do something about and to what I do.

I know mine near investigated but I would also prefer to remain at night down as before. In addition, she has no food and water in my room.

Oh my friend she could until now always occupy the same room because the family members not get along with dogs and have "anxiety". But this should change in the new apartment where we live also.

During the day I send it down when it is again up here.

I need urgent help !

The best answer

Why let alone a highly social pack animal ever the complete night alone? to isolate a dog for so many hours from the pack I think is not right, and it may also damage the binding, above all when they need the close. And it shows up but even significantly.

A dog needs at night and no food that should the animal not in any case be permanently available. And a water bowl is indeed portrayed quickly.

Initially our Main Street bitch has not slept in our room, to a strong storm in which they simply needed assistance and just then you should give the dog also. Meanwhile, the door is open and they may sleep where they want, but preferably the square next to the bed, even though she is allowed to sleep in bed.

False pregnancy can also back, but until then you should refuse the dog not close.

Can you accommodate them not away from home in a kennel or garden shed? Then they can at least no longer beg the inlet into the room. Because she has even reached what she wanted, now they will always achieve it. Unless you are really really hard and sit by. But this can be difficult in the house when she always barks and begs.

making my near investigated but I would also prefer to remain at night down as before. In addition, she has no food and water in my room.

Your dog feels abandoned and lonely and you should change. Dogs are pack animals nunmal can be alone and badly want. It would indeed be no major circumstances in your room to place a water bowl in a corner. Food would not be necessary of the night!

The dog would not disturb you and sleep peacefully beside you in his place. Not something should really not be!

If you, however, not the dog can be just or want, then give it to other hands.

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