Dog will ever eat butter :(

My dog ​​is almost 2 jz and constantly tries to eat the butter or steal. It is indeed not healthy because of the fatty acids, and generally the whole bold ... white vlt jmd what it could be?

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In general, dogs need plenty of fat, it provides them with quick energy and is ganu different versotffwechselt than in humans. The dog liver thinks quite differently to Zack. The thing with us make carbohydrates nämlihc soofrt to deliver energy that is in the dog the fat while it can start anything with carbohydrates.

However, butter fat, but the dog needs tallow, grease, have the cattle and other animals between Felischschichten. I for Extra Rinderripppe (boiled meat) because there tidy fat off buying my dog. Butter may cause Druchfall and not heard or only in smallest amounts to Nahrungssprektrum of dogs. So to be sure that he gets no and for the fat he needs. Either Barf with 15-20% and, depending on the dog and the dog Sprotlichkeit even 25% fat or equivalent wet food.

Please Perhaps the lining of your dog does not have enough fat, look to the composition and read the Atikel I've'll link.

If only for this reason, one should feed fat meat. It should contain at least 15-25% fat http: // ...

Why should your dog may not eat butter? Fat is the dog only not so great if he is already very thick anyway - otherwise grease is for the dog pure energy.

then Tuhe but something (Spice) strikes Schmecks him no more and he will make it.

If you are the feed, at least sometimes cook himself, you can also add butter.

On the refrigerator, he can not even hope.

Poison is often only by the excess so.

Why would be unhealthy for a dog some butter ???

You do not need him so a 250g packet serve for breakfast ...

Our dogs love homemade mashed potatoes with 'nem knob of butter ...

It is indeed not healthy because of the fatty acids, and generally the whole fat ...

Healthy dog food, BARF, always contains a portion of fat from the meat ... And it also has no dog hurt a spoon good oil on his food to get ...

Yes Dogs also eat feces;) That you have to forbid halt and make it is clear that it is not allowed.


to your poor parenting .....

What generally he gets because so to eat? Animals generally know when something is missing!

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