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Hello, we're four years a Swiss Mountain Dog. He (male) lives with us and has been from the beginning is the water gewöhnt.Es nothing happened which he could have made fear etc. but he still does not dare to go swimming. He always goes just a little further as to the belly into the water, further he simply wants everything nicht.Wir have tried treats / toys / stick vorrausgeschickt for retrieving, vorrausgeschwommen, but the dog did not want to continue as to the belly into the water! This is especially in the summer annoying as the dog is not to be shorn and he hates to be showered, or even if we go to the lake and do not want to leave him alone at home, he makes namely always a huge theater when he has to stay on the beach. Thus then always have a stay with him which is especially becomes a problem is when my husband and I alone but to the lake fahren.Wir want the dog not force into the water. Has anyone of you an idea how the dog (voluntarily!) Could move to swim?

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a dog is not a horse that sweats to the whole body, so you need him not to the archipelago. Also can then get a sunburn, which is very painful for him, as the archipelago comes off the protective outer coat with a dog. Although Appenzeller are not afraid of water, but do not swim like. Have also a ... is the highest of his feelings when he stands up to his chest in the water ... but even on very hot days, otherwise the paws reach for cooling.

welcome to the club !

Appenzeller not swim like ... hab also a (mixed breed) when `is very hot, he goes up to his chest in the water ... but that's about uppermost limit.

You have to accept the change ... you can not.

The same problem I had with my mongrel well. It was a mix of Border Collie and Labrador. Treotzdem he was moving in his 15 years with nothing to go water. Even just to the belly and then was the end! I always say that dogs are people too and have their likes and dislikes her as we all well! But why not ask the Rütter after! Maybe he knows advice? Have fun with your dog!

My dog ​​has learned to swim when her father is ahead. They slowed initially and stopped. But as was the impulse to go after much bigger, they tried as a deer in high jumps to come afterwards. Eventually, they drank and came quickly back to shore. Further motivation was again the father who took the stick. It took several attempts before she realizes what is swimming. But since they knew it and could, no river and no lake was safe in front of her. Only flooding in the Rhine has kept instinctively.

Goes with water-loving pals with whom the dog passionate about playing. From where he can learn that it is fun :-)

If he still does not like it, then you have tried everything and have to accept that he does not dare.

why you raped a dog to something that does not seem necessary?!? a mountain dog must also in summer not geschorren but hello ... and whom he does not want to swim then let him, dogs "sweat" on the paws and panting, so there's enough who he is with his paws in the water. ..wen he hot, he looks for his cooling already own, in a shady corner, cool soil, shallow water, by drinking more ...

The swimming is not voluntary. There are dogs who do not trust the water that do not want to swim, you can not do even nix. Let him alone with it.

if you do not want something or not vopllständig want, as you would see if you were constantly annoy you dsamit?

Accept this your dog does not like to swim. And done.

Our lienchen goes only to the belly into the water - is still ok.

dogs love not water or. should accept ... my dog ​​a float if it is warm you - the other remains in the belly deep water ...

the Bernese sennen dog my sister did not want to swim -just this coat soaks very full water and then the annoying hard ...

not every dog ​​loves water. Accepts that simple.

You can even take a wasserverückten dog buddy with, vlt he goes in with him.

Some dogs also helps a lifejacket.

But if he does not, you can not do nothing about it.

I even know a water-shy Labrador, the did not notice anything in the water. The owners accept it.

So now let's face it ... Why should the dog to go swimming? There are plenty of people who do not want to swim ...

And just so you biped can go swimming in the lake, the dog must be ???

The who can understand ... Your dog can still be determined even without you at home ... PM want not determined swim 5 or 6 hours ...

My Greater Swiss and I love going swimming ... Every dog ​​is different ...

Mei dog (a Border Colie) also does not float it is generally not a fan of the water when I wash in I need a lot of time and patience until the Lord finally in the right mood to to go through the "gray". If we go for a swim, he just stays at home. Ps. It is anyway always bitched when a dog at the lake is.

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