Dog with anti barking collar escaped and brought to the shelter by the police dog unit

Hello can anyone tell me what in this case come to me kann.Mein dog is the anti have New Year's Eve, cut him barking attracted band just because of the pounding and has erupted from the plot. the next day I found him at the shelter where he'd been put forward by dog ​​team war.Im shelter told me the veterinary office come with me and plot and kennel look .This Happened a week later also a veterinary doctor and a policeman from canine unit arrived to plot and Kennels anzuschauen.Diese control was without any complaint they were fully to peace only because of the anti-barking collar would have something to kommen.Nun to me that's now been four weeks ago and it is still nothing gekommen.kann someone tell me how long can go something like this and what there may come to punish me Lg

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what was that for a "shock collar"? Because according to TSG are only those forbidden power that is not "normal" with water, vibration or smell, however. Ifs one was with electricity, something could play in terms of the Animal Welfare Act. For the other non-

you let a dog who apparently has problems with the pounding in a kennel and also bind him a shock collar to ?. Cruel, the dog barks from stress and still gets tied another huge stress factor. how insensitive but some owners are incredible.

At least the cost of TH's are coming towards you. Depending on what kind of AB-collar (complete nonsense, something like m. M. after) you have used, I ironed the punishment on you to. Moreover, even all the charges that have to do with this matter.

That will probably be dependent on the type of Anti-Bark collar and the free "work capacity" of Vetamtes. Was it with current `s most expensive. Is it in the area of ​​Ordnungswidrikeit, an amount of € 1.00 to € 25,000.00 were possible.

You'll have to fear no punishment!

If it's really only been a harmless anti-bark collar, a Sprühhalsband, then that is done for you as a dog owner without penalty.

I suppose it was examined whether there has been a Teletact or something like that ...

I am glad that for your dog the thing turned out well!

And now I appeal to you: What should such a stupid anti-bark collar on your dog ??? It is a pure Erziehungssache whether your dog is to Dauerkläffer ...

And one question I have: Why does your dog even live New Year's Eve in the kennel?

I hope ne hefty penalty .... who earned his dog something attracts nothing else vorallen even at new year!

Ask at the shelter, so you can not go wrong.

No, utter nonsense. Since you can take comfort that belongs NOTHING for you ... augenrolll!

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