dog with child illness fast growth

moin what schmermittel I can give him more. 500X 2 in the morning and abents paracetamol-ratiopharm per day ;;;;;; splashing aids from the vet will help him not verschlümmern the puppy only more so hurt more 1 year old ..... old German shepherd dog of said beer from the admit dose what do you think ???

Ever Thanks in advance


The best answer

I thought your Altdeutscher is 10 years old and has recently must make the mental test?

No matter if you have a dog with pain you can not itself treat him with medication. Apart from that some drugs from people are harmful to dogs, there are interactions and overdose.

If you are dissatisfied with the treatment of your current veterinarian geh set to another or to an animal hospital until the dog properly with medication.

The dog is not a puppy more and you can not just him irgebdwelche Medis give ..

Also can be no Alk a dog ...

If the Medis not help from the TA, tell him that or go into your clinic.

And what ne disease at all? Quick Creator wachstun also comes from the wrong feed. What eats your dog?

@ GJR747

You have a German Shepherd - males (Dez.2014) where the owner has been drinking beer for the character test because she had panic?

Now you have a puppy and you think that can also drink beer?

splashing aids from the vet will help him not only the verschlümmern

What teething has the puppy (?)

You known but a puppy is not just pain reliever for people administer and then another beer?

Ne honest now, you grab the dog, looking for another doctor or go to a veterinary clinic.

In addition, a dog with 1 year of no more puppy.

But you want us here not char or? How old are you?

What disease does because your dog exactly? What has diagnosed your vet? it grows too fast? What do you feed? Especially with larger breeds no protein riche puppy and young dog food should rather be fed from half a year. Slowly grow is better, the final size is genetic anyway specified, but may be too much for accelerated and then cause problems by too "rich" puppy food. Is that the case with you? There needs but no painkillers, moderate exercise and moderate feeding are there meaningful !!

what do you all mean ???

You can not just give the dog any medication and beer sometimes not!

Change the veterinarian or examined with the dog animal Klink on a! Animal hospitals also have better opportunities and more experience than most normal veterinarians!

First, you should again go to school, and secondly, you should do this with a veterinarian to discuss. Have you no sense of responsibility to your dog?

Do you have any Kacknoobs here you can give it a right answer? And beer? Are you serious? You have to look after yourself properly to this animal. So ask your question to a vet!

But you can give drugs no people! ! Go to the animal hospital

If your dog is sick, then make sure that the animal is veterinary care!

There is a veterinary emergency service at night and on weekends.

It is irresponsible to give a dog pain medications for people and to let the dog still drinking beer !!!

1X 1X morning abents

Uh ... what ??

How about if you could formulate your question clear?

Who has hurt?

Beer from cans, are not very healthy for an animal that has downed medication!

You give the little dog just any medication and want to give him beer even? not you ashamed actually, the animals do to something? If you think that the vet where you're just not good, then find another and held in future please no animals more, you can not even deal with those. And working times on your spelling, which is truly atrocious.

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