Dog with Cushing's syndrome

with my dog's Cushing's syndrome has been found. He is set for some time with Vetoryl what he gets very good. Dar he still wear a tick collar? Here opinions differ. Who has experience here?

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I would a dog that is already organ charged anyway, not further burden. If it is possible. Because the risk assessment in consultation with the TA is in demand.

With a very high disease pressure and the presence of lowland forest ticks, the situation is quite different than with low disease pressure and a few, well-known infections such as Lyme disease. Also, since you can be your TA provide information.

For coconut oil: I have often used, but helped us only in the earliest spring and latest late autumn. I had stages where I have applied the various means. After the coconut oil comes stage two, bogacare neem. Also pure vegetable. Then came Advantix, unique. Has handed over the summer.

When coconut oil you take a coffee spoon maximum, at Shepherd size, it will melt in your hands and streichst it gently on legs, abdomen, neck, back.

If you take too much, and your dog takes off, it's quite possible that you slip on the grease spot, the leaves your dog ;-)

Another question about Cushing: Is the acquired through cortisone application?

I can tell you not tell whether he can, but I would also give no healthy dog ​​a tick collar or other products based neurotoxin.

Against ticks helps black seed oil or coconut oil, apply on skin, before the Stroll. Also can help (1 clove per week) in the feed an amber necklace or garlic. (Black seed oil can also be fed, but charged like any essential oil kidneys very strong and can incorrect dosage or anlagebedingt lead to kidney failure).

We are thus always drove very well and are almost tick-free for 2 years.

2 Known with 3 dogs also report a decline in ticks, since they use these methods.

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