Dog with herniated disc! Euthanasia?

Hi everybody, my dog ​​is this May 8 years old. For a few months she has severe back problems .... us much at first only on that she made pure again, and we could not explain ... we have a 1.5 year old daughter and thought at first that it only jealousy is. But the dog was changing more and more ... it was quiet romped around not so much ... ran not to the door when ringing and eating poorly. All my alarm bells ringing and I decided with her to visit our vets. My husband had the day off and before we went off, I realized that they did not want to move. Outside I then tried, but wanted to run with it shall be borne. The vet examined her and found by X-ray resistant, etc., that they had a disc prolapse. She received that day a syringe with anti-inflammatories and painkillers and gave me tablets to take home and the Council, not to let them bounce iwo up. On Monday we had a check-up and she realized that her back was still very cramped and we repeated the therapy .... that has kept then two weeks ... it started again with the make clean .... I think that she would not get out because she was not good .... I tried to spare .... little movement, not on the sofa .... but I have a small child and can not always be everywhere ... . my husband is always away on training. Today it was back so bad that she could not walk anymore. Just sitting around is trembling, whimpering and eats and does not drink ... The first 2 treatments have already cost 200 euros and we have not even a new month .... The vets said the last time already that it is not curable and only the pain is treatable. Now I wonder whether it would be to euthanize my dog ​​not human because something has already been mentioned by my vet if there is no improvement for the dog. I love my dog ​​and I wonder whether it would not really be the best for them because the things that they liked to do before now taboo and I feel bad about it now to prevent a dog who was always fit and agile at moving and only to feed with painkillers. Moreover, I know all hate me now for the pain medicine is not affordable in the long run for us, I'm still just under 1 year parental leave and my husband is the sole breadwinner. I'm torn and I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences and can give with any advice ... to hate texts and allegations I would like here forego since I do not make myself these thoughts out of convenience but because I save my best friend sorry want ...

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Hi what kind of dog is that? Is it the pug which can be seen on the picture ?? Had the club once a case with a Labbi of was 7 years and had a herniated disc in his spraying had helped to happiness. Since you the syringes so brought little relief, I see little chance :(

Clear could try to operate the small but look at a pug, where you do not know now as breathing and heart it is certainly not without risk.

If so hard, it is also again to vet and go through with it once the options together, perhaps Goldakkupunktur'd come into consideration along with anti-inflammatory drugs. The least would be only 400-700 €, depending on the effort. Only just needs to be clarified whether the small anesthesia and surgery would create at all. If not you have to unfortunately rule in favor of the dog, if they only torment and quality of life is no longer where it's certainly better to redeem them :(

We also had a dog a had herniated disc and was operated on 3500 €, it was also a difficult time, and I have made even worry waive the financial situation and you'll take care of your dog. Question the vet whether one should not perhaps operate on him and you'll take care of him but if it gets worse, I would put him to sleep because it is the dog better I hope I could help you ︝

I've known dogs that have been successfully operated on the intervertebral discs. today you can do almost anything, the question is only whether you want to. it also depends on what it is for a race. a Bernese Mountain dog or a bulldog can be rather no longer operate with 8 years, a jack russel, of up to 15 years old is perhaps more so.

in your case I would rather to euthanize guess, I do not think it heartless, but reasonable.

If you do not have the money, then deliver him ..... from the pain I hope you you never bring back an animal, if you have no money for a reasonable supply in case of illness ...

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