Dog with muscle wasting and poor liver function needs help

Hi folks, Our dog Tico is in bad shape for about 6 weeks and we do not know what's wrong! Background: Tico is a Border Collie mixed breed from Portugal and since more than 3 years with us. Estimated age 4 - 5 years. Lt. our TA had a distemper infection (distemper teeth!) and therefore epileptic seizures - which we did (25 mg Phenoleptil 2 times a day) have medication under control. We suspect him also a wheat allergy - if he gets too much wheat products he has diarrhea, scratching a lot and is absolutely inert. Since only we feed Happy Dog Africa and attentive with treats, we also have the well under control.

News: Since the beginning of February he has trouble getting up. He needed some already starting to swing to bring the hind legs to get high. Approximately 2-3 weeks later, he had two days diarrhea. He was tired and wanted to hardly eat. In early March we went to the vet. Diagnosis: gastrointestinal is not in order and when stretching the hind legs he showed pain stimuli. From TA gastrointestinal was treated and after 1 week we wanted to tackle hind legs (when the gastrointestinal back can absorb the drug). Two days later he has the (wide) open the mouth (z. B. yawning or during manual open of us) a Schmerzjaulen leave. is chewing eating and even bone marrow and was not a problem. We're back to TA and he was X-rayed. There was nothing to notice (not an unknown crippled inner ear). We then Phen-Pred 50 (1.5 mg 2x daily 1 tablet.) Received from the TA and should there be over the weekend to see if he responds. Since we now have the feeling that the muscles degrade the muzzle (purely visual perception) the suspicion was on "masticatory muscle myositis". Since Tico has blossomed through the Phen-Pred and exuded no more pain sounds, we wanted to do without a muscle biopsy and vice rise after 5 days of treatment at 200 mg Canidryl 1x daily. This has however not been addressed and the pain sounds came again. The TA has been sent to us prednisolone to accomplish this testing in parallel, a large blood test to the lab. Lt. Your statement shows the CK value that it can not be a masticatory muscle myositis. However, the liver function tests are absolutely miserable!

Tico jumping, sniffing, playing and having fun again alive.

WAS MISSING HIM ??? • Problems with getting up yet but better • Problems (wide) open the snout with the Schmerzjaulen still there, but is less prednisolone and quieter • breakdown of muscle over the muzzle is visible • Lt. no masticatory muscle myositis • The liver function blood test bad - certainly also affected by the drugs

Who can help us? Who has possibly ever seen such a disease or heard and can tell us what Tico missing? What can we do?

I look forward to your quick answers - tomorrow's appointment at the vet

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I say this to the whole Yarlung Tsangpos of views.

However, I would be careful when feeding and if he can withstand the Happy Dog Africa also maintained that way.

That a former street dog on feed ingredients such as wheat allergic reaction is not unusual, because these dogs need to eat all kinds of "dirt" and are usually not used to this kind of open-minded food. If we had to go to the jungle and feed on tree shoots, leaves, lizards, worms and crickets, we would not tolerate.

Feed Apropo "filth" .... this dog will have all the crap have taken to him in his life .... was even tested for toxoplasmosis? This requires a two x-rays of the chest and abdomen and some blood for the lab. Toxoplasmosis forms tissue cysts like to settle in the vicinity of the liver or liver itself and in the intestine. Radiographically detectable.

Toxoplasmosis does include diarrhea, characterized one thinks of food intolerances. Stiffness of the limbs and muscle at the head / mouth. Mouth opening occurs reluctantly, Betätscheln the head is painful and is averted / blocked. The dog chew reluctantly hard food as this causes pain. Added to fevers. The body breaks down fairly quickly. The clinical picture is diverse, google toxoplasmosis dog

Toxoplasmosis infections go through a lot of dogs (and humans) but really concerned and are really sick dogs with pre-existing conditions, such as in your. There are special medications that approximately 4 - 6 weeks must be given, then the dog should be well again.

I hope everything will be fine!

Hi, first my respect for your strength and endurance, to take such a sick animal is not always sensible, find it good that as there are people you have a heart.

He had distemper is I think the main reason for the current problems, he has had insane luck the disease to have survived at all, know some pups who had not lucky and died within 5 days despite treatment.

Although the main disease is over, as caused by the canine distemper virus serious damage in the body.

- Denture damage, the enamel breaks down, the dentin is exposed and so the probability of infection is higher

- Nerve damage, ticks etc can pitted nerves arise, perhaps he feels no more at all pout and the pain is sound because he startled ??

Would also explain the break down the muscles, if he can no longer drive. If so ask directly at the vet's see if that can be a nervous thing, and it may be an inflammation also simply bothers him that Enzündungen can just keep coming back, because they will always find fertile ground, so think you should possibly superior introduce brushing the dog

- Happen too late effects in the digestive tract, so you should feed digestible

- The pull hand, could possibly be a common joint disease, would be suspicion sake ray on Athrose or HD

- The liver has indeed been through a lot, the common treatment for distemper is Interpheron (having my friend get to his MS probably know) and that is animal on top of the liver.

Happy Dog Africa is actually not really beneficial for complaints has your dog. First a dog should be better nourished with Gebisspoblemen with wet food and degrees when the dog attacked the liver, you should already look at feeding how to support the liver and for the feed has a high protein content, too much fat plus the wrong fat in it. Kenne Unfortunately no suitable page that I could recommend to you now, therefore, hope that someone else you can then write to do what diet then there comes into question. Or if one could dare to Barfen or cook.

If you thought a muscular disease, look at this page, here many muscle diseases are described, although is a site with human diseases, but think you can as derived ...

My dog ​​had due to diabetes very poor liver function to help the liver to regenerate You can 1x daily milk thistle capsules and artichoke capsules release into the lining. Buy Both the DM market and with our dog, the liver values ​​have almost normalized within 6 months, previously said the veterinarian of dramatic values ​​...

If a doctor, either veterinary or human doctor with cortisone attempt does to accomplish a diagnosis, although it is an unfortunately common procedure but - a medical malpractice, instead of a decent diagnosis.

Prednisolone / cortisone always has a strong inflammation-inhibiting effect and also removes quickly consequent pain, or allergy-related itching. The cause of inflammation or allergies but is obscured by a dergestalten use and disease events - absence of diagnosis and apply those treating chronic.

Is it in the problems your dog to an autoimmune reaction (eg in vaccine raw material aluminum) then would cortisone applied completely out and would worsen disease and muscular dystrophy.

Please seek immediate veterinarian loves to which dogs. Also you should go double track and additionally a very good - Seek medical practitioner - classical homeopathy-applying animal.

What you can do immediately:

- Feed change to prepare their own = barf with beige cooked barley, brown rice. The barley build destroyed intestinal mucosa and gastric mucosa on again.

- Intestinal cleansing ... Boiled barley warm and warm cooked poultry meat is to enter black seed oil 1 teaspoon 30 minutes before the meal with a little broth.

Proposal has no sausages, no phosphates, no industry at all food, no longer any vaccination, no antibiotics. using intestinal bacteria from the pharmacy in food after about 4 weeks, no more repellent to pests.

Liver function tests, on the animal healers will be questioned - this is imperative !!!

Please painkiller Canidryl - if it does not work anyway - settle. clear cause of pain = through diagnostic procedures, large blood Suchbild, thyroid study, studies on all diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, Leishaminose !! That is very important - and therefore can come in so much pain.

No more cortisone on suspicion!

I'm keeping your Fellnase all crossed that he comes through!

What do you expect from a mongrel dog from abroad? survive distemper is quite a feat. One can perhaps speculate what came first. can not wait for more than one laboratory values. Usually it is a bottomless pit.

can tell us what Tico missing? What can we do?

either an animal clinic visit (who have more experience) wait or.

Nobody here can tell what Tico missing. Not even a veterinarian can give remote diagnostics.

Then go to a good vet and let you help with the dog.

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