Dog with Polish vaccination certificate

Hi, a friend has now bought a dog from a seemingly reputable breeder. The dog looks well cared for and healthy. Unfortunately, it does at home only found the dog a Polish vaccination card has. Keep the puppy then ever be in Germany or is this illegal?

Can you just leave it checked with the Impfass to the vet and the dog?

Lovely wishes

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a purchased in Germany dog ​​from a reputable breeder has NO Polish vaccination certificate. Has she bought the dog in Poland, a breeder, then everything can be perfectly fine.

Your girlfriend can assume that it was not a reputable breeder - more likely that it has purchased from a dog dealer a dog from Poland market.

Most such vaccination cards are worth nothing - because the dog has probably never seen a TA - let alone that it has been vaccinated.

Such dogs are increasingly cheaply - they cost (purchasing), too much and the sellers naturally want to earn a maximum of it - every visit to the TA and as a vaccine would reduce profits. Vaccination cards can forge prima.

Your girlfriend should therefore necessarily check the dog and vaccinate. Often such dogs are deathly ill.

I press her fingers crossed that everything is in order.


Whenever we approach very positively to the cause: In Poland there are 100% reputable breeders and maybe your friend's fall to such a. In Germany there are now many dogs with "migration background" rescued eg by animal rights activists. Of course you can just go with the Polish vaccination certificate to the vet.

Sorry, impass is no Legimatition for an animal. Reputable breeders provide pedigree and Exportpedigree. The dog is unmistakable handed by tattoo or chip. In Eastern Europe and everywhere and loose is powered by animals, but all to be lumped together would be unfair. It is not banned animals from the EU to introduce when a disease-free certificate is present. A vaccination certificate complies with pets this certification, whether fake or real. Only in case of complications, the authenticity is herausstelllen.

As the dog apparently comes from nebulous conditions, nevertheless the impass applies initially at the vet visit. The TA will read a more or less correct basic immunization therefrom and nachimpfen in doubt with appropriate health.

I would recommend a health check for your dog in case of doubt your girlfriend.

So if the dog from a German breeder would, then the dog would have a German passport. This was not a breeder but a dealer!

Where was the breeder, in Poland?

Sorry, but if I buy a dog, then I look at but the vaccination certificate before place correctly. So you buy a dog.

You should let the dog definitely it checked by a vet.

The doctor should be the matter

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