Dog without a tail, cons?

We have a dog from Italy, where the tail was missing because he was supposed to serve as a hunting dog. Nobody wanted him because he had no tail, and having my parents heart broken because it is really beautiful and young. (My parents have bought him, I live somewhere else) they had ever seen a dog but here is my question you have something there noticed? Does the dog have disadvantages? Since my parents know the Internet is not so good I'll take that time :) Thanks for the advice!

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Compassion is always the wrong advisors.

I think your parents have little experience with dogs, special they know the answer. A hunting dog is not really easy.

But to question the communication of the dog is limited. The tail plays a role entscheidebe among dogs. However, it is not tragic, it can lead to misunderstandings occur among dogs.

seeking your parents ask a dog school, so that they have from the beginning someone's hand.

With lack of tail has the dog with other dogs granted a discount expressive behavior. What could mean that someone who "could not read as well other dogs anyway", it may not be properly communicating with him or perhaps too rough. In such cases, you should support him a bit and also protect uu. I would recommend your parents to read the book Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas. This part of intraspecific communication describes what your parents then helps to assess expressive behavior better.

The tail also serves a bit for balance. But if he does not want / need to balance large, it will probably not be noticeable on.


The poor dog, he was docked because you cut his tail off. I think that he may not wagging while hunting with the rod and so animals tremble.

If the wound has already healed well with the rod and not infected you have not really what note.

He just can not wag the tail, or just a little, and most dogs then begin to shake the whole backside.

I find it nice of your Etern that they have little added.

Lg. Lena

The dog of any disadvantages if the whole is first healed properly. Without the talking now beautiful: for centuries dogs have been copied and which worked.

No, just be careful when other dogs in the area are, the bite in advance in the tail. And since he has not so, can also bite somewhere else ...

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